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Reviewing the new Jacksonville Jaguars’ New Uniforms


The Jacksonville Jaguars unveiled their new uniforms on Tuesday a couple of months after unveiling a new logo.

Gone are the drab black and white and teal and white uniforms with the black helmet and in are the new two tone helmet with black and gold and an alternate uniform with a teal jersey with black sleeves, black pants, and black numbers. The home uniform is probably my favorite of the set with a black jersey with teal sleeves and black pants with white numbers. The away uniforms features white jerseys with teal numbers and black sleeves, it also has white pants. On all three jerseys are a shield with the new logo and the word ‘Jags’.

Part of me really wants to not like the uniform change mainly because I like the old school uniforms of other teams like the Steelers and the Raiders that are so perfect they don’t need to be changed. But since the Jags’ last set was boring and anything but creative (except for the helmets), this is actually an upgrade,even though this looks like something that any person like me can make on Microsoft Paint,or your Madden custom team (take your pick).

I actually expected there to be less teal because in the past, the Jaguars have had a love-hate relationship with the color. First they have,then they don’t, then they bring it back again,and then they take it back. I guess they’re in love with it again, but for how long?
Overall, I think this is a good look for Jacksonville, it’s not one I totally embrace,but it’s an upgrade from what they had before.

Thumbs Up!


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