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If it’s the end…

sacramento-kings-logoI am glad it ended this way. With rowdy Kings fans in attendance with fans cheering until the end. The last time we thought it was the end, I was there with my father and 10,000 other Lakers fans. It was an embarrassment. Sure there were Kings fans in attendance, but it was an arena dominated by purple and gold, much like the game.

That’s what Sleep Train Arena should have looked like all season long, not just on certain nights of the year like Wednesday night and not with a majority of fans from the other team. Sure, the team hasn’t done well and a lot of fans aren’t going to support the ownership group that,for now,is still in place, but a team in a small market should be supporting its team like they did. I do applaud the efforts of the fans in their part to try and keep the team in Sacramento.

I, like a lot of you, can only guess what will happen from here on out in regards to the team’s future. I don’t know for sure where this team will play next season and beyond and if they stay, that’s great. But I have concerns.
If they do stay, is the new ownership group committed to putting a winning product on the floor? The last ownership group hasn’t had such a commitment which has led this team to finish in its seventh consecutive losing season. This new ownership group needs to invest in its product so that,in turn, fans will be interested in watching a competitive team in a new arena. Nice,shiny new buildings are that, but if there isn’t an exciting team for them to watch, they won’t be interested.

If they do go, I won’t be mad. Sure,it will be hard to not be able to drive 20 minutes over to see any NBA basketball anymore, but the sun will come out and time will go on in the 916 area code. Who knows if I will find a new team to root for (I’m having fun with being more of a hockey fan these days),but if I do, I hope that they can give me the joy and excitement that the Sacramento Kings have (or at least did during their great run in the 2000s).

Also,if we don’t get to keep the team, can we please get a hockey team? I’ll still bleed Oilers blue and orange,but it’s just fun to watch and fun to say “Hockey action,yo!”. Just sayin…

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