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Odds & Ends-Volume 27


NFLNow that the Patriots have lost to the Ravens, I do feel quite bummed that they won’t be facing the 49ers in the Super Bowl. However at the same time I am very happy for the Ravens. The Ravens played very good football and have been doing so this entire postseason and they deserve to be there.

I also feel a lot of relief. You’re probably wondering why and it’s because had the Patriots won yesterday and I even dared to show my colors around Northern California, so many fans out here (not just 49ers fans,other fans,too) would have harassed me to no end. Even the threat of vandalism to my car and even my home as well as physical harm to me was there. Don’t believe me? Last year, my car was vandalized the day before the

Yeah,this really happened!

Yeah,this really happened!

Patriots were to play in Super Bowl XLVI and I had to replace a set of tail lights. In the past I have also had eggs and even human feces thrown onto my back window and even the hood of my car. This is all because I root for a team that plays 3,000 miles away and quite frankly having to put up with that kind of harassment for two weeks, possibly even longer is something I don’t want nor should I have to put up with it.

I love my team and always will,but when fans of other teams harass you like that, it’s not fun. Don’t believe me? Wait until someone does to you what they’ve done to me.

MantiTeoThe most bizarre story of the week is the whole Manti Te’ O girlfriend hoax thing. I don’t quite understand it and I don’t know how it started,but it is a bizarre but interesting deal. Everyone has had fun with the story and if you have,I can’t blame you. It is kinda funny, even I had fun with it the other day on my lunch hour.It is also troubling because it’s a non-story that everyone has made into one.

Here’s a talented college football player who isn’t having any drug problems or in any legal trouble,but everyone’s on him because of a girlfriend he may or may not have made up? Really?

I don’t know who the ring leader of the story is,but I do know that someone is lying somewhere and I hope whoever it is becomes surfaced.

I have to admit to being a little wrong about fans of the NHL not coming back after such a lengthy lockout,but they have and I am one of them. Fans are flocking to arenas to see their favorite teams their favorite stars. Good on you,NHL fans!NHL

Although my team plays north of the border, I am stoked that my Edmonton Oilers are back in action. Though they have missed the postseason since the last time they were in the Stanley Cup Finals in 2006, they are a young bunch who just might make the playoffs.

I’m probably the King of Wishful Thinking when it comes to that but I want to see them do well with such a young team.

Last night the Oilers opened their season against the Canucks and coming back from a 2-0 deficit in the second period, they tied it at 2.

After an uneventful overtime period, it went to a shootout which the Oilers won and they won the game 3-2. If this was a year ago last season, they would not have won that game, but they are headed in a promising direction. I think something good is brewing with this team and as long as that is occuring, I am a happy hockey fan.


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