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The Things That Need to Come Back in 2013

Earlier this month we did the list of the Things That Need to Go in 2013, with everything that needs to go there are the things we wish would or could come back. Therefore we have now for you the Things That Need to Come Back in 2013…

JonesSoda20.Jones holiday sodas

Though I have heard how disgusting these are, I have wanted to try them and Jones doesn’t make them anymore. This is what you’re known for,Jones Soda! And you don’t have them anymore? What the hell,man? Can you send a man a Turkey and Gravy soda?


19. The Running Manrunning_man


The greatest dance of the 1990s is only brought back when I do it. What’s not to like about the running man? It’s a simple dance to do and one that needs to get back into our daily lives. Sure,some things need to be left in the past,but the Running Man is not one of them!

B&NChairs18. The big comfy chairs to Barnes and Noble


I don’t know when they disappeared,but earlier this year I was asked to not sit in the aisle of Barnes & Noble and I asked why they don’t have the big comfy chairs anymore. They said because transients would come in and sleep in them. 

Since then I have not gone back to Barnes & Noble and won’t until they bring back these chairs. What the hell’s the point of going in and buying a book if I can’t read it to see if I like it? I can’t stand up and do it, I need a chair to sit in and the hard chairs near the Starbucks don’t cut it. No wonder nobody reads books anymore.

17. The San Diego Padres in Brown and Yellow padres


When I was younger, the Padres wore brown and orange but they look their absolute best when they throwback to brown and yellow. I cannot stand them wearing blue and sand and the reason why is because so many teams are either in blue or red or both. It is time that different teams wore different colors other than blue or red and the Padres should lead the charge.

16. CATCH-ALL: Theme songs that exceed 90 seconds in length and Sitcoms with intros where the cast dances to the theme song during the credits (like The Cosby Show)


What the hell happened to theme songs? Nobody has one anymore and if they do,it’s like 10 seconds long. 

Shows need to get back to having theme songs and also if they can,they should dance during the credits like the cast of The Cosby Show did. I am so sick of shows not having theme songs. No wonder television sucks!

mlb logo15. MLB Opening Day starting in America


I’m all for other countries playing baseball and I like the idea of MLB teams going overseas to play games, but not to open the season. Last season the A’s and Mariners had “Opening Day” in Japan while the other 28 teams played spring training games that didn’t matter. 

I have a great idea,why not start Opening Day, I don’t know, in AMERICA? Baseball is America’s pastime. It is only right that it should start where the sport began, not in some foreign country where none of us can go see it. You think A’s fans are going to Tokyo for a series with the Mariners? They don’t even travel to Oakland for that anymore!

14. The Hamburger Big Bite from 7-Eleven7-Eleven


I don’t eat a lot of things from convenience stores,but I do enjoy the Hamburger Big Bite from 7-Eleven. However, next to none of them have it anymore and it is a little upsetting. I am about to give up on 7-Eleven because of this. If you work at 7-Eleven and are reading this right now,bring these back, I will buy them!

platformshoes13. Platform shoes


This is on the list solely because nobody wears cool shoes anymore. Shoes from the 1970s need to make a comeback just because they look cool and if you look cool,you feel cool!


12. John MaddenMadden


I have been saying it on the radio and in print and if football is missing something,it’s a guy who takes the bus to games,cooks turduckens and loves Outback Steakhouse. John Madden is sorely missing these days on NFL broadcasts. I know he is pushing 80 but he made football games exciting with his commentary and his Thanksgiving mutations of turkeys. Now we’re left with Cris Collinsworth and memories of what commentary of football used to be.

Hostess11. Hostess treats

It’s a sad day when a guy can’t get a Twinkie or a Ho-Ho or even a cupcake with swirls on top. I don’t have much to say here because most,if not all of us are hopeful they will come back in the next year. I think just like Mother’s cookies a few years ago that they will,it will just take longer than anyone of us thought.



10. Mentos commercials


These commercials were genius! There’s a problem, you’re in deep shit and what else is there to do but to pop a Mento in your mouth and then inspiration strikes. If only real life worked that way!

Who decided that they were allowed to disappear? Not me! I was hoping they would make them forever. Since Mentos dropped these commercials in the late 1990s I haven’t had as many Mentos because they don’t have any sweet commercials to go along with them.
Maybe it’s because the only reason people buy them to make bottles of Diet Coke explode on rooftops of warehouse. In any case these should come back as soon as possible!

bertisevil9. The website “Bert is Evil”


This was an entertaining website back in the 1990s. We would view this in my high school and laugh hysterically. Those who know what I am talking about will agree and those who don’t should maybe move on to number eight on our list. 

I wish I could tell you more but that website hasn’t been up in so long,plus something else from the computer is tops on the list,so…

8. Creative Super Bowl logosSuper Bowl XLVII


What happened to Super Bowl logos? It used to be that they were artistic and had something to do with the host city and they had color and imagination. Now they just display the Lombardi Trophy and the stadium the game takes place and it’s silver. It’s pretty lame.
This is the NFL, they have enough money to hire an artist with a creative mind to come up with something better than a trophy in front of a stadium,right? Oh,they do! Okay well they should hire them. NOW!

pogs7. POGs


What a fun game to play back in 1994 and 1995! Gathering in our friends garages with our POGs and slammers that we bought from Quik Stop and would play for hours and disregard our homework. Unfortunately a lot of schools throughout North America banned the game because they considered it a form of gambling because kids would bet on it. I never did but I know of some who did. The game’s demise soon followed.

Why can’t we have games like this anymore? I would definitely play this instead of some video game you have to camp outside a mall for to purchase.

I think it is time this marvelous game made a comeback. After 17 years of it being gone, I think it’s time kids stopped playing Call of Duty and picked up a slammer!

blingbling6. The phrase “Bling Bling”


Where did this phrase go? Why did it go away? When is it coming back?

Hopefully it comes back in 2013,yo!

5. Erica Hill’s glasseserica-hill


Now that Erica Hill has found a home on NBC’s Weekend Today show,something else that she once had should come back to television as well: her glasses.

Erica Hill is super fine when she is in a pair of glasses and by the way until I see her in them again,this will make the list. Just sayin…

TacoBellFRS4. Taco Bell’s Fire Roasted Border Sauce


Twenty twelve was a year that Taco Bell would break my heart time and time again. The other time was when they discontinued the Beefy Nacho Burrito (which was heaven). The first time was when my favorite Border Sauce, the Fire Roasted sauce. When it was introduced, my tacos were never the same because that sauce added a great kick to them.
I should have bought whatever they had left when it was discontinued,but that’s why we have the list, you know in case the mayor of Taco Bell is reading and grants my wish. I mean I am the guy who helped bring back the McRib and the Shamrock Shake to McDonald’s. And you’re welcome!

3. Dave ChappelleGQ Men of The Year, 8th Annual


Here’s a man who made me laugh hysterically in the mid-2000s. Dave Chappelle was comedy gold with his hit

Comedy Central show and then he decided not to do it anymore and a nation mourned the loss of the show.
The comedic touch to that show is something that is unmatched. Hell,they tried to get Carlos Mencia to replace him and he sucked out loud. I hated Carlos Mencia and still do. He reminded all of us how much we missed Dave Chappelle.

Chappelle needs to come back. For me and my friend Mike alone because we both can recite the Samuel Jackson Beer sketch word for word.

GirlFrom4E2. The Girl From 4E


She was in one commercial for two seconds back in 2009, but man those were two magical seconds. The Girl From 4E made me wish I had a neighbor who looked hot in pajamas and eyeglasses,too.
If she can’t come back on television,can she at least come to my house? I mean if she came to the door late at night proclaiming loneliness,I’d let her in!


The only other game I miss other than POGs is Acrophobia. In the late 1990s and early 2000s me and my brother and other friends would play this game on the computer forever. We would even stay up into the night and play. Making the dirtiest of acronyms, some of which belong in the Hall of Fame. When it went away,not once,but twice,I was beside myself. There have since been other games that are copycats,but it still doesn’t suffice the original magic the game once brought us and it can happen again,but somebody special has to bring it back!






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  1. Oh God yes to #4!!!! Finding out Taco Bell didn’t carry those anymore was ALMOST as devastating as going to Carl’s Jr. and finding the Grilled Cheese Bacon Burger is gone.

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