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Odds & Ends-Volume 16

I’ve never for the life of me understood why the rivalry between the Giants-A’s is so “friendly”. There should be no such thing as that, rivalries aren’t friendly.

Last week when the A’s clinched the AL West title, I saw so many Giants fans showing the A’s and their fans a lot of love. Really guys?
I recognize and understand the A’s have been a great story in baseball. They were supposed to finish dead last this year and they ended up having the same number of wins as the Giants. But when fans from the other side of the Bay Area are giving up love for them, it gets to be a little disgusting.

Why can’t this rivalry be like the 49ers-Raiders rivalry? No,not to the extent of violence. I mean to the extent that the fans of both teams can’t stand one another’s team. Would 49ers fans pull for the Raiders if both teams were in the postseason? Hell No! Those fans can’t even share a stadium let alone a region. It should be the same between Giants and A’s fans (to an extent).

And by the way if I see one more hat with both the Giants and A’s colors on the same hat, I’m gonna scream at passing cars…or something.

I don’t know how many times I have to explain to fans that when an announcer for a national broadcast is calling your team’s game,whether it be regular or post season, they have to talk about both teams,not just yours.

The announcers at MLB Network, TBS, FOX, or whoever is showing the game to a national audience aren’t homers for your team or the other one. If you’re upset over the lack of love for your team, mute your television set and flip on the radio to hear your homer announcers. It’s that simple.

I know your partial to the broadcast team your team employs,so am I. But you can’t expect a broadcaster who is doing a national broadcast to follow suit. Your team does not employ them, so they have no obligation to cater to them and be homers to them. It is time that fans got over that aspect of a national broadcaster and just enjoy October baseball (or what’s left it if you’re a Bay Area baseball fan!)

The NBA is doing something about flopping and I am absolutely happy that they are. I find it hilarious that players have gotten away with getting foul calls that aren’t foul calls and the league is stepping up and doing the right thing. I do disagree with it being an offense that gets a player fined to the point of suspension.

I think it should be a technical foul for a player who flops and the other team keeps possession of the ball. A $5,000 fine happens after a second offense and suspensions for players after a sixth offense and so on. That seems extreme to me. I know the league wants flopping out of its league or at best kept to a minimum,so do I, but fines leading to suspensions is pretty out there. Just sayin…

Chiefs fans should be embarrassed for having cheered quarterback Matt Cassel’s exit from Sunday’s 9-6 loss to the Ravens. The home fans were cheering when Cassel was laying on the ground with what was found to be a concussion during the fourth quarter. He was able to walk off the field.

Chiefs players, including tackle Eric Winston, let their displeasure known with the fans cheering Cassel’s injury.

“It’s 100 percent sickening,” Winston said. “I’ve never, ever — and I’ve been in some rough times on some rough teams — I’ve never been more embarrassed in my life to play football than at that moment right there. I get emotional about it because these guys, they work their butts off. Matt Cassel hasn’t done anything to you people.

“Hey, if he’s not the best quarterback, he’s not the best quarterback, and that’s OK, but he’s a person,” Winston continued. “And he got knocked out in a game, and we’ve got 70,000 people cheering that he got knocked out.”

This isn’t the kind of behavior I expect out of Chiefs fans. Jets fans, yes, but not Chiefs fans. I understand that a lot of Chiefs fans aren’t happy with Cassel’s performance as the Chiefs’ starting quarterback, but to cheer the guy when he gets hurt is absolutely disgusting. I know these fans are generally good fans and at a game they can do and say whatever they want. If you want to boo Cassel, that’s fine, but cheering when he gets hurt? Awful!

By the way, you can catch me and my friend DJ Mappquest on Sports Madness, this Tuesday from 6-7pm Pacific Time on, Sacramento State Student Radio.

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