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The Worst Things About 2017

Our end of the year lists continue and we move on to the Worst Things About 2017. There were a lot of things that weren’t very good this year,and for some reason I couldn’t think of a lot of them,but I did manage to find the top 10. I do want to mention as always that like all of our other lists,this is meant to be taken semi-seriously and for entertainment purposes. Who knows? You also might learn something from all of this.

Here’s our list for 2017!

SelenaGomezPJs.jpg10. Pajamas as casual wear

One thing that bothered me greatly was pajamas, you know,the clothes you wear at night,became more and more like casual wear.

Not only do I think this is ridiculous but it is also makes you look like you’re lazy and have pretty much given up on life. If I wore pajamas to work and passed it off as casual wear,I would get in a lot of trouble.

I think we need to try harder at looking better in society sometimes and ditching the PJs while in public is a good start.

tj8169. April,May,and October for me personally

Not everyone had the greatest of years this year, not to say that I was one of them,but there were times where I wasn’t doing so well,particularly in the three months mentioned.

While April and May did bring me some happiness with the Edmonton Oilers being in the playoffs, a lot of that time was spent alone where nobody else was with me to either share that joy or give me hell for it. Not a lot of people wanted anything to do with me and it bothered me greatly. I was even in group therapy for a month because of other things that were going on as well.

Fast forward to October and even into November and I was feeling as low as anyone could. Picking myself up and soldiering on was not easy and there wasn’t really much anyone could do to help me.

I guess I have a lot to learn when it comes to how to cope when I find myself to be lonely. I hate it,it’s not a fun feeling,especially when you don’t know who can help you through it,or if anyone is willing to.

HillaryBadPicture8. Hillary Clinton not going away

I thought that after her pathetic defeat to the worst presidential candidate that Hillary Clinton would disappear and leave us all along and maybe even accept her defeat, but wow was I wrong.

She kept on blaming everyone but herself for why things went wrong in her book “What Happened?” which was released in October when she could’ve owned up to her own loss,accepted it,and been asking what she can do to help get the Democratic Party back to where it should be.

Instead,she’s just another centrist,vanilla Democrat who didn’t have a populist message to offer voters who,when it comes down to it,want a candidate with that kind of message.

As much as I didn’t want to have Trump in office, I also didn’t want Hillary,either. This is not a two-party system,people,and just because there’s a D or an R next to someone’s name doesn’t mean they’re any good.

dnclogo7. Democrats became even worse than they were in 2016

You would think that after losing to the worst human being imaginable in a presidential election as well as over 1000 seats nationwide that these guys would try and do whatever possible to reshape their image and adopt maybe a more populist message that would appeal to their base. As of press time,that isn’t happening very much.

Instead,we have the same kind of people in office who take corporate bribes and donations in order to not address any progressive issues whatsoever that want to keep things the same and don’t think that voters want them to go in a new direction.

I left the Democratic Party after their big fat L and am glad I did. These morons are getting worse by the year and it seems like the only difference between them and the Republicans is that they don’t hate gays or black people. You have to have a message to offer people in order to get them to appeal to you and earn their vote. They’re not doing that and instead are doubling down on their losing strategy.

I wonder what it will take for them to get it together. Perhaps a strong third party that rivals them and offers what they refused to. I don’t expect them to change and I won’t vote for a centrist that doesn’t have anything to offer other than more of the same. The revolution is coming and they need to get out of the way!

YoungSheldon.jpg6. Young Sheldon

I’m about to come out with an unpopular opinion,but Sheldon Cooper is why I can’t get into The Big Bang Theory. His character is not only annoying,but also doesn’t have any compassion as person or have any redeeming qualities that make his annoying nature tolerable. Characters like Cam Tucker on Modern Family and even Ross Geller had reasons for you to like them in spite of their being annoying on their respective shows. Cooper doesn’t and I also feel like the show ignores his obvious mental illness issues.

So imagine my surprise when CBS decided to have a spin-off of sorts into seeing what kind of pretentious prick he was as a kid. The promos for the show during football season were so frequent and so terrible that it has made this list despite me not even seeing an episode.

I knew kids that acted like him when I was that age and I wanted nothing to do with them. Befriending them was not a must and I think if I was cursed with being Sheldon’s classmate I would avoid him at all costs.

2017Finals.jpg5. Warriors and Cavaliers in the NBA Finals…again

Further proof that the NBA needs parity more than people think is the third straight finals between the Warriors and Cavaliers. I get it,they are and have been the two best teams in the league,but in all honesty,it makes the rest of the league look watered down and for me,pretty boring.

Maybe it’s because my favorite team hasn’t been in the playoffs since I was 24,but in all honesty,I would like to see different teams in the finals for a change. I hope to see that happen someday,even if my team doesn’t make it.

LVshooting.jpg4. Endless mass shootings and nothing being done about it

This year was a record year for mass shootings in this country,581 people have died as a result as of press time. To me,that’s 581 people too many.

A couple of notable shootings that were notable and shocking were the November shooting of 27 people at a church in Sutherland Springs, Tex., near San Antonio,the largest shooting in the state’s history.

The month before was the biggest mass shooting in modern U.S. history when Steven Paddock gunned down 58 people and injured 441 others from his 32nd floor room at the Mandalay Bay hotel room onto the Route 91 Harvest Festival.

And the worst part of it all is that nothing has been done about it,and don’t tell me that there’s nothing you can do about this. We’re the only country where this kind of thing regularly happens and I,for one,am tired of us being known for that. There are a lot of things we can do to make sure the next record-breaking mass shooting isn’t around the corner. Unfortunately, I don’t believe enough in us as a society that it will change.

Dr-David-Dao-1-1.png3. Airlines were jerks

Though the dragging of Dr. David Dao made our Bizarre Things list,it doesn’t get United or any other airline who was a prick to anyone off of this list.

From Dao’s dragging to an airline losing a family dog after it was put on the wrong plane to another airline causing an elderly lady to miss her connecting flight to a cruise, airlines have a lesson or two to learn about properly serving and accommodating customers.

Now I know that not everyone in that industry is like this, that’s clear, but the things I’ve heard about have made me a bit nervous about air travel. There’s more good reason now more than ever for me to continue to driving myself wherever. At least nobody is dragging me from my car.

StricklandHarper.jpg2. The San Francisco Giants

After losing to the eventual world champions in the postseason a year prior, many had hoped that with signing a top closer in Mark Melancon and hoping that the hole in left field could be filled by Jarrett Parker that the Giants could get back to the postseason. Instead,everything that could go wrong did.

The team started off cold and stayed there throughout the season through different acquisitions that didn’t go right to Madison Bumgarner hurting himself by crashing his dirt bike on a day off in Denver to Hunter Strickland’s brawl with Bryce Harper on Memorial Day to the team hitting the least amount of home runs in the major leagues yet again with Brandon Belt leading the team with a paltry 18. It was not a good season for the Giants.

The resulting 64-98 season has soured fans who want the team to make drastic changes to get the team back to where they were in the early part of the 2010s. The team does seem to be making some strides by trading for Evan Longoria and could acquire some help in the outfield soon.

Anyway you slice it, the team was one of the worst things of the year and it was a long,dismal year to sit through.

TrumpDoofus.jpg1. Donald Trump as President

I knew that once he was elected that Donald Trump would be bad,but I didn’t figure he would be this bad.

From his wanting to ban Muslims from entering the country to his racist wall to eating steak well done with ketchup to the endless amount of golf he plays to his defense of white supremacists as “very fine people” to his unhealthy love of his daughter to his moronic cabinet to his vanilla Vice President to just everything about him that makes you want to scream and oh yeah,the stupid tweets.

I always wondered what it would be like if a 71-year-old toddler was elected President and now I have my answer. Now if Congress would do something about him and invoke the 25th Amendment to get him out of office,I think we would all be grateful,even the dolts that elected him.

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