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Yes we Cain! Perfection comes to San Francisco

Last night at AT&T Park, the San Francisco Giants attained something they never had before in their collective 130 year history as a franchise, a perfect game. Matt Cain, the team’s “horse” pitcher, threw 125 pitches (the most ever thrown in a perfect game), struck out 14 batters in nine solid innings and not a single Houston Astro to reach base in front of 42,298 fans on his way to Major League Baseball’s 22nd perfect game. The Giants won 10-0.

Matt Cain is mobbed by Buster Posey (right), and Brandon Belt (far right) as he pitched the 22nd perfect game in MLB history Wednesday night. The Giants won 10-0.

It didn’t dawn on me until late in the game that “Holy crap, not only are the Giants shutting out Houston,but Matt Cain is going to do something no other Giants pitcher has ever done in baseball history”, but I knew I had to stay tuned. Something special was going to happen tonight, so just watch.

Actually,it should’ve dawned on me earlier, like in the sixth inning when Melky Cabrera chased down Chris Snyder’s flyball. Then the seventh when Gregor Blanco makes that diving catch on the warning track which nine times out of 10 would’ve been an easy double to rob Jordan Schafer. What a beautiful catch!

“Those were unbelievable catches,” Cain said. “I mean that right there, that changes the whole thing.”

I could’ve turned the station knowing the Giants had the game in hand, but it seemed as though something special was about to happen in China Basin, and that instinct was as true as ever. Cain was electric and everyone there at the stadium knew it. Not only that, it was nice to see some run support for a pitcher who throughout his career hasn’t received very much of it and for that as a Giants fan I feel happy for him.

Cain had also come close to no-hitters and perfect games before (including twice this season alone) and to see him finally try again and get that perfect game was fantastic.

Following the game, the scene was reminiscent of the team’s 2010 World Series celebration with the team jumping over the dugout rail to congratulate Cain. He was then greeted by his wife Chelsea, receiving a celebratory kiss and hug in the dugout. During an interview in the dugout with Comcast’s Amy Gutierrez he was quick to congratulate his teammates for their play, namely Blanco and catcher Buster Posey.

“I can’t thank Buster enough,” Cain said. “I didn’t even question once what he was calling.”

And to show the kind of teammate he is, Cain had Posey and Blanco alongside him in the postgame press conference which I thought was wonderful. No doubt about it, Matt Cain is this team’s horse of a pitcher and to see him do what no other pitcher has done in team history was no doubt special.

“This is unspeakable right now. This is unbelievable. This is part of history and something I’ll remember forever and ever,” said Cain.

Neither will us Giants fans,Matt. Thank you!

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    • Thanks Uncle Rick. After that game there was no choice but to write about this spectacular game. I hope people on the East Coast know just how good he is because this was one of the best perfect games in history. I hope he gets to start this year’s All Star Game for the NL!

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