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The Things That Need to Go in 2014, Part Six (Our 450th Entry!)


Here it is,our grand finale of this year’s list! The Top 10, Part Six! We have had such a fun time counting down and here now without any further delay or hesitation are the Top 10 on our countdown!

WarriorsJerseysSleeves10. Basketball jerseys with sleeves
First year selection
Those of you who have read the blog this past year know my hatred for sleeved basketball jerseys. I absolutely think they are ugly and unnecessary. All the teams wearing them look bad in them, this is something I expect from a rec league, not the National Basketball Association.

I don’t get what is so bad about the regular tank top jerseys. They have been working for the league for the last 60-plus years, why the sudden change?

And guess what every team will be wearing on Christmas Day who is playing? Yep! And they look awful! They look like little kid pajamas.

The NBA keeps finding more and more ways for me to hate the league and these hideous jerseys are another in a growing list.
Obamathumbsup9. CATCH-ALL: People who have yet to get over the re-election of Barack Obama and People who continuously bitch about Barack Obama being president
Second year selection ,2013: 12

It’s been over a year,folks, have we not let go of this yet?

If there is one thing I can’t stand,it is people beating a dead horse over and over and over again. We get it, you wanted Romney to win, he didn’t. Get over it and move on.

As for your continuous bitching about him and your awful Facebook posts where you bag on the guy, it is time to find something better to complain about. If him being President keeps you up at night, you are deeply troubled. More troubled than me and I have social anxiety disorder.

Texting8. People who never text back
First year selection

This has become something of a nuisance for me this year when you take the time and thought to text someone and they shun you. Not just once,but repeatedly. I for one have had enough.

It has reached a point where for me, if you want to text me or even hear from me, you are going first. No longer is it worth it to text someone and not hear back from them.

And for those of you who say you are too busy to do so are full of shit. There is always time to text someone back,you just have to find it. I am so sick of excuses!
giantsas7. CATCH-ALL: The friendliness of the Giants-A’s rivalry and Hats with both the Giants and A’s logos on them

Second year selection ,2013: 20

This rivalry, like I said last year, needs to more of an ugly one. Time and time I see Giants fans cheering on the A’s and sometimes vice versa when it should be the fan bases of the two teams hating one another’s team. There is something else that bothers me,but we will get to that at the end of the list.

There are two teams in baseball I want my Giants to beat the most: the Dodgers and the A’s. The Dodgers for obvious reasons,but the A’s because of the Bay Area bragging rights and to show their fans that our fan base is more devoted and more passionate and shows up to all 81 home games,not just the last two weeks of the year.

Also, the hats with the logos of both teams need to go. Don’t ever buy me one,I will throw it in a fire pit.

Fourth year selection,2013: 3, 2012: 1,2011: 13

A list staple, TOMS shoes have been on this list since its inception. I for one have never been a fan of them because everyone has them, they are ugly,they smell bad,and are poorly made. I also hate that ladies wear them formally. Way to dress down!

I think it is noble to want to give shoes to people who have none,but giving them ugly shoes is no way to do it. If I ever date a girl and she buys these,I will break up with her due to her poor taste.

I look forward to this fad (Yes,it is a fad) dying soon,until it does,look for this to be on the list every December.

TNF5. Thursday Night Football games that do not take place on Thanksgiving

Second year selection ,2013: 14

I do love football quite a bit,watching it on Sundays and Mondays is a must for me, but the Thursday games are quite the overkill if you ask me. Who is really going to be up for a match-up between Houston and Jacksonville? Or Buffalo and Cleveland?

This is just the biggest throw-away game on the schedule every week and I hate that it gets the national stage like this. Thursday games should only take place on Thanksgiving in Dallas,Detroit,and (insert city here). My only compromise is when they used to do the final eight weeks of the season where a Thursday game was played. Other than that, I shall pass.

socksthatdontmatch4. People who mismatch their socks
Second year selection ,2013: 28

This rose quite a bit from last year to this year and the big reason why is because so many young people (mainly females) keep doing this and it bugs the hell out of me.

Another reason to promote laziness, the youth of today keep pairing one sock with a different one and it is not okay. If you have a green sock in your hand,find its mate. When I was a kid mismatching your socks was frowned upon and should still be.
Stop pairing blue socks with yellow socks or orange socks, it is not cute or acceptable.

Purple is NOT a Giants color!

Purple is NOT a Giants color!

3. CATCH-ALL: People who buy a hat of a team they don’t root for because they like the hat, Hats with colors of another team, and Leaving stickers and tags on hats that get worn
Third year selection,2013: 4,2012: 6

This is getting to be very old. Whatever happened to loyalty to your team? Part of that loyalty involves wearing the gear of your team and your team only. You are not supposed to be wearing hats of other teams because you like it.

If you are a fan of your team, wear their hat and their hat only. Also, if your team has a hat in colors that they never wear, refrain from wearing it. The San Francisco Giants wear black and orange, not purple,not blue,not teal. Are we clear?

Also, remove the size stickers off of the bill. That looks too ghetto!

2. People who don’t put their shoes on all of the way
First year selection
I have seen quite a lot of this over the past year. Why are people so lazy that they are not putting their shoes all of the way? Is it that hard?

It is especially bad when I see a young female doing this. If I see an attractive young lady who does not have her shoes on all the way, I am not talking to her. Am I stuck up about this? Yeah,but for good reason. Ask some of my friends how I feel about this,they will tell you.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA1. Sentences beginning with “My second favorite team is…” and Sports bigamy
First year selection

Out of anything this coming year, having a second favorite team needs to go. Why? Because having another team to root for should not be allowed. I never like hearing any sentence describing the second favorite team of anyone.

If we are allowing fans to have multiple favorite sports teams, we should be allowing multiple wives. Because if one wife lets you down, you have another wife to go to to be safe with. Wait,what? That isn’t how life works? Really?

Oh,and life isn’t fair? So that explains why you can’t have two favorite teams!

Fans, if you have a favorite team, that’s your team. Especially you Bay Area fans. Pick one team and one team only!You can’t be a Giants fan and an A’s fan. What if they meet in the World Series? You  won’t know who to cheer for and will be screwed. Don’t be screwed!

That is the list! That is all! Or is it?

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