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Reviewing the Carl’s Jr. Jim Beam Bourbon Burger

Four years ago, Carl’s Jr. (and Hardee’s if you live in flyover country) came out with the burger that I thought was the best one that JimBeamBurgeryear,the Kentucky Bourbon Burger (I wish I had started this blog then,but that was one messed up year). I was heartbroken,sad,and confused when they discontinued it later on that year and I pined for its return.Well,it did, in a different form.

It’s called the Jim Beam Bourbon Burger, no it’s not flavored with the alcoholic beverage because that would be stupid. It is flavored with Jim Beam barbecue sauce. I am not sure if this is the same burger as the Kentucky Bourbon Burger because I don’t recall pepper jack cheese being on that one,nor do I recall lettuce or tomato,but all of that is on the Jim Beam Bourbon Burger.
I decided to give it a try yesterday and I’ll be honest, the lettuce and tomato are too much for this burger. Instead what they should put on it is another slice of pepper jack and more sauce up top. The sauce is fantastic and if you’re wearing any jewelry on your fingers, you might want to remove it before you eat because this is a very sticky,syrupy sauce, but it’s good.
It’s also got french fried onions on it which are good,but they didn’t put enough on mine. This is an item that should be coming out of the burger as I am eating it. Just sayin…
I enjoyed eating this burger, but I was hoping it would be as good, if not better than the Kentucky Bourbon Burger. Overall,it’s a good eat if you’re looking to venture away from what is normally on the menu at Carl’s Jr./Hardee’s.

I rate it as Okay




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