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Bowling 300 (300 entries,that is!)

This is the 300th entry from this very blog. Believe it or not,we’ve come a long way since the very first post back on Feb. 10,2010. Back then this blog was a general purpose/entertainment blog known as All Things Orange. Months later, it would be revamped into the T.J. the Sports Geek blog with me writing mostly about the sporting world,but I’d also write about other stuff to keep a readership of people who maybe aren’t the biggest of sports fans.

In the time this blog has been up,we’ve talked about many issues in the world of sports about all kinds of sports. From stories about baseball such as realignment and covering the Giants 2010 run to a World Series title to football stories regarding lockouts and teams coming back to life like the San Francisco 49ers.

We’ve also spent a good amount of time covering one of my favorite stories to write about, the saga of the Sacramento Kings. It may not be that interesting to other sports fans or even basketball fans for that matter, but for me it is. The reason why is because not even a decade ago, the Kings were on the brink of a championship and had an electric and passionate fan base. In the span of a decade,the Kings have gone from that to a run-down franchise with an ownership group reluctant to compromise, numerous rumours of relocation surrounding them (including one to Virginia Beach…eep!), a team who has had six straight losing seasons with little hope of getting better, and a situation that most big name free agents want to bypass when not long ago, guys like Brad Miller were more than willing to come here for big time money.

Features have come and gone and some are regular,some are not. But one big one that readers tell me they look forward to every year is The Things That Need to Go list. I never thought something that was little more than an inside joke between me and friends would blow up to be so big. I love that people want to contribute to it as well,which is great because it is hard filling out a whole list by yourself. The list has become so big that it is now a five part series during one week in early December. If you have something for the list,let me know in the comment box.

After over 31,000 views and many many comments from readers, the blog has been nothing short of fun to write. It is absolutely great to see something that takes a lot of work make people happy. And we’ve only just begun, I can’t wait to see what gets rolled out in the months to come and I hope you’re as excited as well.

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