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Odds & Ends-Volume Nine

I’d like to congratulate 49ers wide receiver Michael Crabtree for getting over his allergies of playing in the preseason. It took him four years and I was never quite sure if he could do it,but he finally had it in him. Good job. You’ll always be Michael Scabtree to me and are still a little overrated,but you did it. Wow!

The 49ers look like they’ll be pretty good this year,but I do have some questions:

Is Alex Smith going to be the guy he was last season or is he going to be player he was during the NFC Championship Game as well as the prior six years he was in the NFL? I’m never quite sure with him because there’s always that inkling I have that he may go back to what he was before Jim Harbaugh came along. I secretly think Harbaugh doesn’t like him and wishes he had a better quarterback,though. Why else would you court Peyton Manning and later lie about it when it was clearly obvious?

My second question: Will Randy Moss really be a good soldier or will he be a quitter as he has known to have been in the past?
He’s been known to be both and Moss has had a great career, he even played for my beloved New England Patriots for four years before landing in Bill Belichick’s doghouse and later two other teams. Just like Smith, I’m skittish about Moss .He was good for the Patriots for most of the time he was there but I know in the back of my mind he can and will pout his way off a team if he isn’t getting fed the football. Remember how his last season in the league went before joining Harbaugh’s bunch, he played for three teams and didn’t do shit. Be careful how you use your wishful thinking,49ers fans. I’ve learned my lesson.

Oh,one more question,do you guys really need 18 tailbacks?

The Dwightmare is over and I couldn’t be happier that it is. However, Howard going to the Lakers is another example of the league’s small market teams continuing to get ignored.

I’m sorry,but I’m not a proponent of super teams. I’m a small market NBA fan and as a small market fan, I’m tired of seeing superstar players leave teams to go elsewhere with three or four other superstars. David Stern needs to be a friend of the small market and do something,anything to try and keep more players in small markets to create at least a little more parity in the league, something it has long lacked. If the NFL can do it, so can the NBA.

So much for Chad Johnson trying to revitalize his career in Miami.

Johnson was arrested over the weekend for alleged domestic abuse right after the NFL releases a public service announcement on how it’s not okay to hit women. When I heard about his arrest, I was shocked. This isn’t the fun loving person I’ve thought of Johnson to be. I’m truly not surprised that the Dolphins decided to cut Johnson on Sunday. It’s not a good idea to have a guy who was just charged of something like this on your team to create distractions. Sure, it’s a loss in terms of talent and somebody for a rookie like Ryan Tannehill to throw to should he win the starting job there, but for a team who is trying to gain ground in a tough division and rebuild itself it’s all bad.

I’m sure Johnson may find another team,but maybe not for a while.

Once football season happens, so does fantasy football for me and I’m pretty happy with my draft.

I picked up Aaron Rodgers with the first overall pick and then picked up Steven Jackson, A.J. Green, Brandon Marshall, Trent Richardson, Aaron Hernandez, DeSean Jackson, and a guy who I think was a steal and will have a decent season, Stevan Ridley of the Patriots.

I didn’t have a good season last year at 6-7 but I am hoping that this year will be different. I have a lot of great competition in my league and I don’t take a single team that I’m playing lightly. It should be a great time playing against great friends this season and I hope I can finally win a fantasy football league championship once and for all.

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