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The Giants look better than they did in 2010, believe it!

I’m gonna come out and say it, the 2012 San Francisco Giants just might be better than the 2010 team that won it all.

Yep,I said it, better than the 2010 team.

Why do I think so,you ask? This team just looks like it got much better this season after an injury plagued 2011 season which saw it’s main source of offensive firepower,Buster Posey, gone for the year. Once Posey left, so did the Giants chances to repeat. This year is another story. Posey has since returned and is having a great year and looks as healthy as he did before the injury last year. He may very well be the starting catcher for the National League in this year’s All-Star Game in Kansas City.

Not only that, but the pitching staff is dealing as always. Matt Cain of course had his perfect game on Jun. 13, but the staff has just been dealing as of late delivering four straight shutouts this week (three against the Dodgers and one against the Reds on Thursday night). The staff has a collective 3.41 ERA (third in the National League). Even Santiago Casilla has had a nice year as the closer while Brian Wilson recovers from season ending Tommy John surgery.

The Giants have a much better offense this season with an overall team batting average this year at .264 (.234 last season) and Melky

Melky Cabrera is hitting .355 for the Giants this season,his first in San Francisco.

Cabrera has proved to be the difference maker in that department and he is among the league leaders in batting average at .355. Cabrera, 27, is also poised to make his very first All-Star team in Kansas City (where he spent last year with the Royals).

I just loved how as early as last month so many baseball experts said the Dodgers would coast to an NL West title. Fast forward to today where we see the Giants, not the Dodgers, leading the division by a game. Further proof that nothing is over until it’s over. I hope those analysts at MLB Network realize that now.

While I think this team is much improved, so has much of the National League with teams like the Nationals, Mets, Dodgers,and even the Pirates being improved,the road back to the World Series is not going to be easy. But if the Giants keep playing the way they have been, I think another trophy may reside at 24 Willie Mays Plaza this very season.

So Giants fans, sit back and enjoy the rest of the season, it’s sure to be a good one and shaping up to be that way.

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  1. Travis, got to agree they are a overall better team as the 2010 team could barely hit over the course of the season. They happened to get hot enough offensively to let their pitching win the games for them. This year they at least can hit some which is good because while Cain, Vogelsong (a nice find) and Bumgartner are pitching well, Lincecum seems to disappear for and inning or 3 during his starts and gives up a bunch of runs then settles back down. Casilla has been good as a replacement closer though he just blew it against the Naturals. Watch for Botchy overusing his bullpen. He did at San Diego (where they had a great one, but were tired in the playoffs) and he has done the same in SF. I’m NOT a Giants fan but they are overall a better team.

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