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Odds & Ends- Volume Two

Really? Another All-Star Game for the City of New York?

Next season, the New York Mets will be hosting baseball’s midseason classic and the first one for Citi Field which opened in 2009. But wait,aren’t their cities that haven’t hosted it yet? As a matter of fact, yes there are. How about two other cities who have pretty new stadiums as well, Miami and Washington (Tampa is the other city, but that place is a dump). I am sure both of those cities would like to have a crack at hosting it. Why does New York need it again? Not that it’s a problem that they are hosting it, I just like to see cities that have never hosted it before get the chance. I hope one of those two cities gets that chance by the 2015 game because I know the Twins and Cubs are both bidding for the 2014 game.

As for existing cities who have previously hosted, they should have to wait at least a decade before they get to host again. That’s the rule I would have if I were commissioner of baseball.

The 2012 Miami Heat have to be the most uninspiring champions in the history of the NBA. When I was younger and the Chicago Bulls were winning championships, at least they had some aspect of inspiration. Take for instance Michael Jordan’s flu game in 1997 against the Utah Jazz in the Finals. Here’s this player sick as a dog guiding his team to win ands scoring 38 points to do so. The Heat have done nothing to provide anyone with anything that was inspirational to win this championship,nor have they been anything that resembles being likable. All three of their players are horrible and cocky while the Thunder had guys that were and are likable that you could really get behind and hope that they win a championship.

And by the way, the Thunder, you’re not getting off this easy. Way to quit in Game 5, the critics are right, you guys are too young to win an NBA championship.

And no,the Heat have not bought it all back yet. Remember, LeBron James promised eight championships at that championship victory parade they had before those three clowns ever played a minute together. Let me refresh your memory:

He has seven left to go, I’m holding him to it.

And while we’re on the subject of the most unlikable NBA champions in league history, the fans who cheer for them are almost equally as bad. I saw on some message boards on the internet that not only is seeing LeBron getting his first important, but Kobe Bryant “striking out again” is just as important.

Here’s my question: What the hell did Kobe Bryant have anything to do with the Heat winning it all? The last time I checked, Kobe Bryant was not a member of the Oklahoma City Thunder. Kobe Bryant has nothing to do with this series other than his Lakers lost to the Thunder who were in that series. Heat fans, it should be like your team winning its second title and beating young stars like Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook (Oh,and the Thunder quitting in the final game). Leave Kobe Bryant out of this.

The Colorado Rockies are going to a four man rotation with a pitch limit of 75 in an effort to protect young arms still developing in the minor leagues. The Rockies are in need of pitching and I don’t see how this is going to help them. As a matter of fact during Saturday’s game against the Rangers, the Rockies were ahead 11-3 with Josh Outman on the mound and they had him taken out and he was pissed that he wasn’t going to get to continue. If this doesn’t say anything about how bad of an idea this is, I don’t know what else will. I understand why Jim Tracy is doing this,but these young pitchers have to come up sooner or later.

By the way,how’s that Ubaldo Jimenez trade looking now in retrospect?

The biggest break-up of this year now doubt has to be the one that occurred between Mike and Ike. If you haven’t noticed, the names of either Mike or Ike have been scribbled out on packages of Mike & Ike candies. I’m trying hard to understand why this has happened, what made these guys call it quits as far as their professional relationship goes,but there has to be a way they can get back together. It has to be done. If anyone is able to get these guys back together and the scribbles erased off the packages, that would be fantastic. I can’t live in a world where these guys are at war with one another, I just don’t understand it.

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