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Thirty Candles

Well,today is the day. At 5:25 p.m. Pacific Time tonight I turn 30 years old. While some people dread becoming that age, I embrace it. I still feel like I am a kid at heart anyways and it’s not worth it to dread getting older.

I’ve often heard from older people that after you turn 30 it’s all downhill from there and I don’t buy it for a minute. I’m not naming names, but they know who they are. The truth is that after all the things I have been through,both good and bad, it can only get better. I’m excited to see what the next 10 years have in store for me.

But as I look back on the first 30 years I think of the wonderful family I have who have always been there for me when I have needed them and have been the most patient with me when I haven’t been at my best. I love them so much and I don’t know if I’d be half the person I am now without them.

I think of the places I have gone to even though I haven’t traveled a whole lot compared to others. A lot of my travel is thanks to DeMolay,especially the last couple of years. Getting to go to different places and seeing the people you know and love is, at times,enough for me to make a trip worth it. I’ve been a part of the DeMolay and masonic world for almost 14 years now and it’s been the biggest thrill of my life. Who knew I’d get a second family out of it? There are so many things that wonderful organization has brought me and taught me. I never dreamed I’d still be a part of this many years later when I first joined in 1999,but I have and I’m glad. I could go on and on about it,but if I did,I wouldn’t be able to stop.

I think of all the friends I have made,both inside and outside of DeMolay, and the happiness, loyalty,joy,and love they have brought me. They believe in me even when at times I don’t do so myself. I’m very lucky to have some of the best friends a guy could have. I may not see them all the time or talk to them, but I am glad they are there when I need them.

Though things haven’t always been easy in life, for the most part it’s been a lot of fun. I know that I have a long way to go before I am content with being the man I want to be but I know that I’ll get there someday. Not everyone takes the same path to success and contentment. Some take the road less traveled, the one with all the detours and wrong turns but in the end you get to your desired destination. I like to think I am on the road fewer people are on and if that’s the case, I am fine with it. Life is a journey,after all.
I’m looking forward to life age 30 and beyond. It’s been an adventure so far and I hope it’s even more of one in the years to come.

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  1. I am pleased to say that I have known you for about 1/3 of those 30 years. While we have not been close lately, I am grateful that you are my friend. Happy Birthday Sir!

    • Thanks Bob, I miss ya man! We have to get together sometime soon. We’ve actually known each other almost half my life. We met in ’98 at CRHS so that makes it 14 years.

      • Damn. That is crazy. Half of your life. This calls for a reunion stat! If you are ever in the bay area, give me a call. I will do the same next time I am in Sacto. However, I have not been back for a while but I should make plans.

  2. Absolutely. I am unsure of my next Bay visit, I do go to the Bay Area from time to time. But for sure, I will do that!

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