The Worst Commercials Airing on Television Right Now

There are so many just god awful commercials on television right now and tonight, I thought I’d share my five worst that are on television right now. The one catch is that it has to have aired sometime in the last four months, so anything before March 9 is ineligible. So off we go…

Viewer discretion is advised!

5. Dairy Queen
I do not like these idiotic commercials for dairy Queen where the guy is playing a guitar that sounds like a dolphin at the end of it. Such an annoying ad, they make Sonic’s annoying commercials seem decent. I think DQ needs to hire a different advertising consultant because their commercials are just not doing it for me.

4. JG Wentworth
I hang my head in shame whenever I see a commercial for JG Wentworth because they are so terrible and it makes me shake my head at society. The worst one is the people singing opera on a bus. Who sings an opera for a financial services company? Nobody! It’s so campy,sometimes that’s acceptable,but not here.

3. Kim Kardashian for Skechers
This premiered during Super Bowl XLV,but is still shown today and to me,it’s unrealistic. I find it hard to believe that Kim Kardashian wears these shoes on a regular basis, especially since I see her almost always in six inch Christian Louboutin pumps whenever I see her in a magazine or on TV. The moment I see her sporting these on the red carpet or on a talk show or in Star magazine in the Who Wore It Best? section, I’ll believe that she believes in the product. But until then, she’s full of crap!

2. Coors Light Bar Exam
I am sure all of you have seen this commercial. It’s for Coors Light where this guy who’s studying for the bar exam sees a sign at a bar for a Bar Exam study group. He goes inside and asks if he’s in the right place. Then a guy says he is and asks him questions about cold indicator bars on a beer can and what the hell the mean and he gets the questions correct and he has passed the “bar exam”.
Okay,I gotta say these commercials are not only a waste of time and money, but so is the gimmick that’s being advertised. Do you really need an indicator to tell you how cold your beer is? Do you not have the sense of touch to tell you this? I can’t believe we live in a world where we need help in figuring out whether or not our beer is cold enough to consume.

1. San Francisco Giants Hamster Commercial
This commercial sickens me. If you haven’t seen it, I should warn you that viewer discretion is advised.
I commented about this commercial in a column I wrote last month:

I just think that any parent who would actually do this to their child is a sick person. Yeah, a missing hamster helped win the Giants win the World Series so let’s set the new one free so it could potentially be killed by another animal in the hopes that they will win another ring.
I’ll say it before, no superstition or unfortunate incident or anything else that happened to you or someone you know helped the Giants win. The only way you can say you helped is if you went to a game in the postseason. That’s about it. No missing hamster was a turning point in the 2010 season for the Giants. And also, spare the Giants and Comcast your crap story.

2 thoughts on “The Worst Commercials Airing on Television Right Now

  1. there are people who have nerve damage and con’t feel hot, cold, or pain in both their arms…I’m one of them…I think this product could be useful for me.

  2. OK, but for the majority of people, they can tell whether or not their beverage is cold.

    I still think the commercial is just awful. This one and the commercial with Ice Cube are just bad. I miss the days when beer commercials were funny.

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