Players win championships, not fans

There’s this television ad campaign I have been seeing lately on Comcast when I’m watching the channel itself (both California and Bay Area) or during a Giants game where fans explain why they think the Giants won the World Series and how mishaps or other events in their personal lives helped changed the Giants fortunes and they won it all.
If you haven’t seen them,there’s one that features a guy telling of how he fell off a ladder last summer while trimming his tree and broke his arm and the Giants proceeded to win it all and he then repeats what happened so that the Giants win the World Series again this year. There’s another one where a mother tells of how her daughter’s hamster went missing and she thinks the Giants won after that happened, so she sets her daughter’s new hamster free in the hopes of a repeat (By the way, what a cruel thing to do to your child’s pet, shame on you!).
Comcast and the Giants are asking for stories from fans on how they “helped” the Giants win the World Series. Please do me a favor, Giants fans, save us your bullshit story.
Sorry to break it to you and I have to say this once and for all, but nothing you Giants fans said,did, or that happened in your own life got the Giants over the hump. I don’t know if you’re aware of this, but the 25 guys on the playoff roster last October and November were the ones that got the job done. Sure, the energy the fans who went to the games during the playoffs had probably energized the Giants in some form. After all, teams do feed off of the crowd often times during the regular season or even the postseason. But as far as that, no missing hamster or tree trimming injury carried the Giants to a championship.

I may have predicted back in April 2010 that the Giants would win the World Series, but that was a dumb luck prediction. If I was smart, I would’ve picked the Yankees, the Phillies,or even the Rays. Picking the Giants then was out of the box, but I did and they won. But a prediction from some 28-year-old man (then) who lives two hours away from AT&T Park wasn’t the reason why the Giants won the World Series.
They won because they had a great starting rotation, a pretty adequate bullpen, random and fun characters with eccentric personalities in the clubhouse, and played as a team. They outplayed the Braves, Phillies,and Rangers and won it all in the end. I think this ad campaign and the fans are getting carried away a little with the real reason why the Giants won their first title since coming west in 1958. I had nothing to do with them winning, you probably didn’t either unless you were on the 2010 roster.
Oh,and please stop saying “we” when describing your favorite team. You are not on the team, stop saying or pretending you are. Man,that bugs me!

2 thoughts on “Players win championships, not fans

  1. T,

    Are you telling me that my wife getting cancer didn’t help the Giants win the big game!!! “Kids, I guess you need to wear sun screen again!” Now I have to cancel the babies trip to the tanning salon too! Great stuff! keep it up

    G butler

  2. Thank you, Comcast is getting a bit out of hand with the gimmicks. Yeah, they are a business and capitalizing on the growth in the fan base due to the WS win but for us “old timers” it can be a bit demeaning and for lack of a better word, an “insult to our intelligence”. Love the post, keep up the good work.

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