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Leftovers: The Things That Need to Go in 2011

There were many things that were left off of our list, and they deserve a mention while we’re here, so here we go…

Limited Time Fast Food Items


I am so tired of a new amazing fast food item coming out only to have it on there for a limited time. Case in point: The Carl’s Jr. Kentucky Bourbon Burger in 2009 and Wendy’s Bacon and Blue this past year. Those were two great burgers and they were gone after a few months. If they’re that great of an item, leave them on the menu, what’s the matter with you?

The only exceptions I make are seasonal items like Eggnog Shakes and Pumpkin pie because in my view those are holiday items you have to get in the mood for and they maybe won’t sell anytime else, so that’s OK, but it goes to show you that you shouldn’t get too attached to something like that because it may not be around forever.

NBA Commissioner David Stern


I have said it before and I will again, I think David Stern is the worst commissioner in all of sports. He is turning the NBA which was once the best run league into the worst run league. With declining attendance and the development of “super teams”, the NBA’s product is becoming less and less viewable. It’s hard for me to get excited for a game when my team is in the crapper and the same teams (Celtics, Lakers, Spurs, etc.) win all the championships and get all the attention.

Did you know that since 1980, only nine teams have won the NBA Finals? Nine. Where is the parity? Stern won’t have any in his league, and if you’re a small market team (San Antonio is not a small market, they are one of the biggest U.S. cities), leave your hope of seeing your team winning an NBA title at the front gate of the arena. Fans in Portland, Sacramento, Milwaukee, New Orleans, Oklahoma City, and Memphis pretty much have little or no reason to hope for success because winning titles in Los Angeles, Boston, Miami, and New York is more important.

Stern, it’s time for you to take a hike. Twenty six years of your destruction of the sport of basketball is enough, screw you!

The Tattoo Craze…Sorta


This didn’t make the list and rightfully so. I’m not against tattoos, I don’t have one, but I do think there is such thing as overdosing on ink. If you’ve got fifteen tattoos and you looked fine before, then you’ve overdone it. It’s fine if you get a couple of them, but if you’re getting too many of them, especially if you’re a woman, then it’s just too much and for me, it is very much a turn off. I’m sorry, but that’s just how I feel. We may cover this more in the future.

The High School Exit Exam


I have long wanted this to go, how did it not make the list or even come up in the brainstorming session? Why in the world is there an exam in order for you to graduate high school? Isn’t that what homework, tests, and grade point averages are for?

I can’t believe that if someone doesn’t pass this exit exam that their four years of high school of trying to do well and getting good grades rests on whether or not you pass one test. Why not just skip the four years of high school altogether and have an exam instead?

And while you’re at it, get rid of the Senior Project. What an outrage that is! Thank goodness I left conventional high school and went to independent studies so I didn’t have to do this crap.

Movie Remakes and Unnecessary Sequels


It is official…Hollywood is out of ideas, but we’ve known this for years. Not only are they remaking every movie that’s been out the last half century (King Kong, Clash of the Titans, The Karate Kid, etc.), but also a lot of old TV shows are turned into movies, many of them not that good, and also there are too many sequels. How many Harry Potter movies do we really need, or Pirates of the Caribbean movies, or even Fast and the Furious movies? I have an idea, Hollywood, how about having a brainstorming session and getting back to making movies that don’t suck for a change. No wonder I only go twice a year. Ninety percent of the movies that come out really don’t interest me.

C ATCH-ALL: Playing Christmas Songs in Mid-November, Forcing Christmas on us too early, and shortening the word Christmas to Xmas!


I understand if you want to play Christmas songs all the time on Christmas week, but on November 12? Every year it seems like more and more radio stations are changing their formats to “all Christmas music all the time”. Don’t get me wrong, I like a lot of Christmas songs, but not when it’s November and we’re not even at Thanksgiving yet. Give me some time.

This leads to the forcing of the holidays on us way too early. I remember working at Walgreens in 2005 and two weeks before Halloween even came, we were putting Christmas stuff up for sale. I was saying “Isn’t it too early for this?” Now Black Friday isn’t even enough, we have to have stores open on Thanksgiving Day, which I’m against because Thanksgiving, whether you like it or not, is a time that is meant to be spent with family and/or loved ones, not shopping for the latest iPhone or BluRay player.

And by the way, stop shortening the word Christmas to Xmas, that bugs me just as much as the sound of fingernail clippers.

That’s it,that’s the leftover list! Is there anything I left off? Let me know,send a comment below!

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