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An exciting time to be a Giants fan!

As tonight’s game between the Arizona Diamondbacks and San Francisco Giants approaches (a game I am attending), I can’t help but think how exciting it’s been to be a Giants fan all season long.

Many Giants fans I talk to, whether I am st school or I’m talking with friends who are fellow Giants fans or wherever I am, they all tell me how excited they are about this team. But then again, when haven’t they been excited? This is a fan base that truly loves this team, and it shows by the people who come out to the games, who watch them on television, who listen on KNBR. Everyone is watching with excitement and hope that this team will make their first postseason since 2003.

Not only that, but this team has given me something that not even the 2002 World Series team could give me, a reason to like all of them. Sure, the 2002 team was great and I’ll always remember them, but this 2010 team is more likable to me. You’ve got characters like Tim Lincecum who has the hair and the nickname “The Freak”, you have Brian Wilson with the beard that looks like it was colored by a bottle of Just for Men and he had those orange shoes before Major League Baseball fined him $1,000 for wearing them.

You have Aubrey Huff, who I think has been tremendous for this team, and his weird thong wearing ways. You have rookies like Buster Posey and Madison Bumgarner who have stepped up when they’ve needed to and had to despite having limited major league experience. And you have the waiver wire gems of Pat Burrell, who I think came along at the right time, Cody Ross, who has played some great September baseball, and Jose Guillen who has hit well and been great defensively.

Something else this team has shown me throughout the year is how much they’ve grown. This team was at one point in fourth place during the year and they’ve come back time and again and now here they are in first place by two games and five games to go with a magic number of four to clinch it. Giants fans, this is something special, this is an exciting time. Wherever you are, sport that orange and black like you always do, tune in, go to the games, cheer this team on. As Kruk says, September (and October) baseball, GAME ON!!!

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