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Things Everybody Else Loves That I Hate-Jersey Shore

Welcome to another installment of Things Everybody Else Loves, But I Hate, and today we have something else I know most of you probably love that I absolutely cannot stand and flat out hate, Jersey Shore.

First of all, it’s on MTV, a channel I have hated and criticized for several years over the poor quality programming they have had, but also because they don’t live up to what their abbreviation MTV, stands for… Music Television. They don’t play any music videos anymore except for the wee hours of morning when only hookers, security guards, and drug addicts are available to watch them. But that’s another story…

Second of all, only one of these people is actually from New Jersey. Why have a show called Jersey Shore if you have to transplant other people in and not have more cast members who are from that area? That would be like having a reality show set in Los Angeles and putting people from Fresno on there, it makes no sense.

I admit, I have not seen the show, but as I have said before, you do not have to see a movie or television show to know it’s awful. I have, however, seen clips of this show on E’s The Soup, which in my view is a barometer to know what shows (particularly reality shows), are good or bad. I can tell by watching a 30 second clip of this show if I am interested in seeing it or not. Judging by the behavior of these people on this show, in addition to their awful orange skin and lack of manners, not to mention MTV’s promotion of this lifestyle and behavior, it’s very doubtful I’m going to watch this horrible excuse for a television show anytime soon.

And by the way, enough with Snooki and people telling me how cute she is, she ain’t. She looks like a cross between an oompa loompa from The Wizard of Oz and Meadow Soprano. And Mike “The Situation” seems like a huge douche and he’s now on Dancing with the Stars, a show my mother watches, and she says he’s an awful dancer. Plus, I’m sick of seeing his abs. Nobody cares!

And would someone explain to me why the show is now in Miami? Why not call the show Jersey Shore: Miami? If you’re not going to do the show where it’s supposed to be located, then alter the name of the series. In any event, you probably won’t see me watching this show unless I’m held at gunpoint to do so, plus I’m smart and know that there are much better shows on television, or I could just watch this dog mow the lawn for a half hour straight and be much more entertained.


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