The Worst Commercials on Television Right Now

Advertising.,it’s what television was designed for. Sure, we have our favorite commercials, but what about the ones that are downright awful you want to throw the remote through the TV? Here now is my list of the worst commercials on television right now…

5. Progressive featuring “Flo”

I cannot take these commercials anymore. They aren’t funny, they aren’t enjoyable. If anything I find them annoying and hard to watch. I don’t really even know anyone who does like these ads. Someone make it stop!

4. Weber

This commercial for Weber grills where everyone’s dancing in front of the grills while they’re barbecuing. Nobody does this. Ever.

3. Staples

Who are the ad wizards who came up with this one? I don’t know how this commercial was ever made. This is annoying. Right after he says “WOW, That’s a low price!”, I say “WOW, here I am changing the channel!” and I do just that. Stick with the easy button,Staples.

2. Acura Snobby Lady

This commercial for Acura with this snobby lady laying down the ground rules for her car so it doesn’t depreciate in value because she overpaid for a luxury car. “No dirty feet!”, “The kids want a dog,but… No…”. If this was my mom,I’d run away and find another mom. She seems like the kind of mom who put leashes on her kids when they were little, wouldn’t let them get ice cream from the ice cream man, and considers 7Up to be an adult beverage. God,I hate this commercial.

1. 1-800 Contacts Special Eyes

Probably the worst commercial out right now is this one for 1-800 Contacts where this guy’s wife tells him his contacts have arrived via 1-800 Contacts, and just like the Acura lady, he acts snobbish by saying that they don’t carry his brand and that he has special eyes. First of all, no you don’t, you wouldn’t need contacts if you had special eyes. Second,nobody with poor eyesight has special eyes. Also, I hate at the end where his wife tells him to look with his special eyes and he exclaims “MY BRAND!”. What an ass! If I was on the fence about giving contacts a try, I am on the side now where I keep my glasses and look damn good in them.

Got a commercial you hate? Send me a comment below!

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