Tonight’s Top 8 List

Wednesday May Twenty Sixth Twenty Ten

Here’s Tonight’s Top Eight List

Top 8 San Francisco Giants Excuses

8. Buster Posey hitting a measly .346 in the minors, he’s just not ready yet!

7. Don’t be fooled, pitchers with 4.31 ERAs are tough to hit.

6.Who can play baseball with all this oil spilling in the Gulf of Mexico?

5.Spent less time in the batting cages to catch up on Dancing with the Stars.

4.Hey, every team goes through 24 straight scoreless innings every now and then.

3.We’re saving our power hitting for Edgar Renteria Bobblehead Night!

2. Brian Sabean figuring out the perfect formula for screwing fans out of an offensive powerhouse for the thirs straight season.

1. Without steroids, what the hell’s the point?

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