Ask T.J. Anything-April 2,2010

Why do you say OY OY OY all the time?

It’s an homage to my favorite radio show host,Damon Bruce of KNBR. That is one of his sound effects,known as drops in the radio business. I have a lot of respect for Damon Bruce and I value his opinion on sports.

What are your favorite flavor of Doritos?

Nacho Cheese is my favorite kind of Doritos.OY OY OY!!! They should make a parmesan cheese flavor or blue cheese flavor,though,that would be sweet!

What song best describes you?

Oh,man I knew I’d get this one. As much as I am embarrassed to say it. He’s So Shy by The Pointer Sisters. I’m a shy person!

What are the five shows that have been canceled, or

ended, that you want to come back?

I’d love to see these shows return:
Chappelle’s Show
Arrested Development
Mystery Science Theater 3000
and Not Necessarily the News

What TV show do you wish would go off the air for


The question should be which one DON’T I want off the air! I think Saturday Night Live needs to leave the airwaves,it hasn’t been funny the last few years. The cast is terrible, the skits aren’t funny and the hosts they get don’t do the show justice. It’s sad to see what this American staple of television really has become.

(Do) you like Pop Tarts?

I do,but we don’t have a toaster so I cannot enjoy the greatness that is the Pop Tart. I know people eat them cold,but I can’t do that!

Have you ever seen a hooker in real life? If so, did you

like what you saw?

Yes I have. OK,Thanksgiving 2007 my Dad and I are driving to Southern California and we stop at Rally’s in Fresno. As we’re eating in my car,a hooker,who wasn’t very pretty at all, walked up to a guy and he pays her and they walk behind the restaurant and you know…

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