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Thursday Triple Play: Celebrations

OK,so those of you who don’t know or have forgotten,every Thursday at DeMolay meetings in Roseville or other events that happen to fall on a Thursday for Roseville DeMolay, we do something called the Thursday Triple Play, where I ask three questions about a specific category (Yeah,I stole it from Sportsphone 680) and I get people to answer the question.

Since my 28th Birthday arrives this Tuesday,the topic is Celebrations.

Here we go:

Question 1: Besides birthdays, what events in your life are worth celebrating?

Question 2: What is the best birthday present you ever received and why?

Question 3: Where is the best place to have your birthday: Scandia, Chuck E. Cheese, Golfland, or other?

Go ahead and leave a comment below and tell me what you think. Do you have an idea for a Triple Play? Let me know at!

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  1. 1) End of finals week
    2) My sisters – Had they been born 45 minutes earlier, all three of us would have had the same birthday.
    3) Other – I had my birthday party at Sunrise Rollerland multiple times. Rollerskating to bad ass 90’s music, an arcade, a party room, and limbo. How can you go wrong?

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