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The Things That Need to Go in 2020, Part Five


Hello again and welcome back to our countdown of The Things That Need to Go in 2020. This is Part Five of our list where we will countdown Numbers 20-11 of the things,trends, and other stuff that need to go when the new year comes. 

Disclaimer: This list is for entertainment purposes and is intended to be taken semi-seriously

Here we go with the list resuming and here’s Number 20!

socksthatdontmatch20. People who don’t match their socks

Eighth year selection

This is the item that has made the list the most and while it was low on the list last year, it rose up quite a lot this year. Why? Because it still happens way too much and it’s a promotion of laziness that I just can’t get behind. If I at age 37 am capable of matching mine, you are at whatever your age you are. It can’t be that hard to get a pair of socks to match.

Having two different socks on was very much mocked when I was growing up and also, it wasn’t something you just flat out did. By the way, if you are the same age as me and claim to not have been mocked for two different socks, you’re a liar!

Also, if you’re dating a girl who does this, she’s way too young for you!

electoralcollege19. The electoral college

Second year selection

This made the list last in 2017 and it makes the list again this year.

In five elections during our nation’s 243 year history the presidency went to the winner of the electoral college, it’s happened twice since 2000 giving us horrible men as horrible presidents. To me, this is a system that doesn’t work anymore and only benefits a minority of people. A minority, by the way, who isn’t as educated as the majority who use their votes a lot wiser than the bumpkins in red states.

Don’t get me wrong, I thought both nominees for President in 2016 were both awful and I wouldn’t be happy with whoever was president right now anyways, but in everything else in life save for golf the lowest score isn’t the one that wins. Also, votes in rural states count a hell of a lot more than mine does in California, which is absolutely unfair. One person should equal one vote. Period. Anything else is uncivilized!

18. White people rapping about Donald Trump

First year selection

This is something that has happened pretty recently and it’s so bad, it’s almost hilarious.

This was the Trump challenge where a bunch of white people, presumably from the south had to, for some reason, perform a rap song about how much they love Donald Trump. The results were absolutely dreadful to say the least and their singing made William Hung look like Frank Sinatra.

Not only do I think white people not named Eminem shouldn’t be rapping, but they shouldn’t be rapping about someone so terrible. Not to mention he probably has never heard a rap song or been to a rap concert (Because he’s a racist!).

They should probably spend their time a lot wiser like watching their VHS tapes of Last Man Standing or going to see their probation officers or shopping at Hobby Lobby. Just a thought!

JoeManchin17. Joe Manchin

Second year selection

If you needed more reasons as to why I left the Democratic Party, here’s one more.

The West Virginia senator is far from a progressive. If anything, you can’t call him a Democrat because of his voting record and his stance on the issues. He’s taken away healthcare from coal workers in his state, he’s also against universal healthcare and making the minimum wage a living one. Not to mention his daughter, Heather Bresch, is the CEO of Mylan, a big pharma company that prides itself on making EpiPens $600.

Need further proof that he should be a Republican? He says that he would not support Bernie Sanders if he was the Democratic nominee next November for President. If that doesn’t tell you he’s on the wrong side of the aisle, I don’t know what will.

It’s these centrists/conservative Democrats that are holding the party back and are out of touch with their base. If you’ve ever wondered why Democrats don’t win, it’s because of these assholes! Which brings me to our next item

AnyBlueWillDo.png16. “Vote Blue No Matter Who”

First year selection

This is a phrase that has bugged me since the last election and it’s time for it to go.

Why? Just because someone has a D next to their name doesn’t mean they’re any good. Case in point, the man we just talked about before this item.

I’ve never understood how so many people can vote for a Democrat just because they’re a Democrat. What if they’re for going to more wars and making healthcare less affordable and making sure college costs continue to grow? Are you going to vote for them at that point? If the answer is Yes then you’re playing for a team and don’t believe in anything.

Just because someone isn’t Donald Trump doesn’t mean they’re going to be any better in the long run. Like I said, not all Democrats are good. I’ll actually place a safe bet that a lot of them aren’t very good and wouldn’t get my vote if their lives depended on it.

Man, the more I think about my decision to leave the party after their biggest loss in franchise history, the happier I am I did it. I have such a clear conscience now and now that I know the awful truth about some of these folks, it makes it easier to know who to really vote for.

DST15. Daylight Saving Time

Fifth year selection

Talk about things that are unnecessary anymore. This is one of them and it makes the list for the fifth year in a row.

We don’t need this anymore. It’s almost 2020 and there’s no reason for us to do this.

Also, I thought we in California voted to get rid of it. Whatever happened to that? When’s that supposed to happen? Is it ever going to happen? Do our votes even matter in a direct democracy?

I don’t care what it goes to whether it be standard or permanent day light time, I just want it gone. Setting clocks twice a year ain’t fun and my time cycle having to readjust sucks. Arizona and Hawaii don’t do this and they seem to be just fine. I think we would be as well if it was ditched once and for all.

Straight Pride14. Straight Pride Parades

First year selection

This has made the list because this is something nobody needs whatsoever. Why the hell do straight people think they need a parade? To celebrate their straightness? Really?

These morons don’t exactly get why there’s a such thing as Gay Pride parades. It’s to educate the community about the discrimination that endures today and that there’s a long way to go before much of this is remedied.

Straight people haven’t really had to go through much of that.

These are the same kinds of people who want a White Entertainment Channel because BET exists (We have one already called CMT!) and think White History Month should also exists (It does, it’s called the other 11 months of the year!) and truthfully, it doesn’t take much to know that these folks aren’t to be taken seriously.

YellingatCat13. The meme with the lady yelling at a cat

First year selection

I’m going to get criticized a lot for this, but I don’t care. I do not like this meme.

First of all, I thought this was Cameron Diaz and am thoroughly disappointed that it isn’t. If it was her, this meme would be a lot more tolerable. Second of all, that cat looks like a douchebag. Lastly, it’s played out.

Why do I see this meme every five seconds on Facebook? Doesn’t anyone have a job anymore? Why are we wasting time on an overrated meme when there are plenty of good underrated once not being utilized for our enjoyment?

I think it’s time for this meme’s death to come swiftly and I think we need to bring Business Cat back for another run, or even Bad Luck Brian. I miss Bad Luck Brian.

WaronChristmas12. The “War on Christmas”

Fifth year selection

The continuous non-war on Christmas wages on even in 2019 is back on the list yet again.

I can’t believe I have to go over the fact that 75-percent of Americans identify as Christians and 90-percent celebrate Christmas. There’s no war on Christmas just because someone says “Happy Holidays” or “Season’s Greetings” in lieu of “Merry Christmas”.

If anything, you should be grateful anyone said anything nice to you in the first place. If someone says “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays” or even a “Happy Hanukkah” even though I am not Jewish, I reply with the correct response, which is “Thank you, I hope you do as well!”

Is that so hard?

Also, if Starbucks doesn’t want to put “Merry Christmas” on a red cup, that’s their right, too. I remember how many people were upset about that and if anyone needed a “safe space” at that time, it was them. There’s no war on Christmas! Move on with your lives!

kanyekissingkanye11. Kanye West

Multiple year selection

Is there a guy who is more overrated in the entertainment industry than this guy?

Not only has he not had a good song since “Gold Digger”, he’s also one of the most narcissistic people I have ever seen. How the hell has Kim Kardashian put up with him for this Long? I guess we’ll never know.

Not only that, but he has bad taste in Presidents when before he used to attack them for not caring about black people. That’s the Kanye I miss. The one that says something so outrageous that the producers have to cut to Chris Tucker eating a sandwich in front of a refrigerator.

This dude needs a lot of help and he needs to go back to being the Kanye of 2005. This 2019 version is no fun whatsoever.

We’ll have Part Six for you tomorrow!

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