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The Things That Need to Go in 2020, Part Four


Hello again, my friends! Welcome back to our countdown of The Things That Need to Go in 2020. This is our fourth part of the list where we will count down Numbers 40-21 of the trends, things,words, people and many more that need to go in the coming year.

Disclaimer: This list is for entertainment purposes and should be taken semi-seriously.

The countdown continues on, Here’s number 40!

JonVoight40. Jon Voight

First year selection

Is there anyone crazier in right-wing Hollywood circles than Jon Voight? I don’t think so.

The more I see and hear him slurp Donald Trump, the more I understand why his daughter, Angelina Jolie, wanted nothing to do with him for a long time.

Not only that, but I thought Republicans hated Hollywood actors. Oh, that’s just the ones that don’t support and slurp their every move. Got it!

Voight compared Trump to Abraham Lincoln earlier this year for some ungodly reason and it proves that his mind is continuing to get mushier as his days on this world get numbered. If he really thinks Trump is like Lincoln in any way, I have a lot of oceanfront property in Nevada he might be interested in. That’s crazy stuff right there,man!

CarRadio39. Radio stations that play the same six songs over and over again

First year selection

This had to make the list because radio stations these days are really cutting out any sense of variety. That, and they play the only six songs they think people want to hear.

Case in point: There’s an alternative radio station in town that does exactly this and for a long time it was the only station that we were cursed to listen to and it set a lot of people off because that station was absolute trash. I even took it off my preset stations in my car because of how bad it was, not to mention I heard enough of it every day at work.

This is a big reason why terrestrial radio is dying and people are instead programming their own stations on apps like Pandora or Spotify and the like and can play those songs in their own cars. Maybe if radio stations went back to being more freeform stations and letting air personalities (the ones that are left) make their own playlists and took requests they would find a new way to survive. Instead, it’s all corporate radio and absolutely dreadful to listen to.

ShoesNotOnAllTheWay38. People who don’t put their shoes on all the way

Sixth year selection

Every year this makes the list and every year I continue to see it and I still don’t understand how it could be this hard to put your shoes on all the way.

Not only do you look like a fool, you also don’t take very good care of your shoes if you’re just gonna smash the back of them. It’s not a good look. Honestly, the more I see people doing this, the more I cringe with anger.

Sure, we all go through shoes a lot in life, but do yourselves and myself a favor and try and take better care of them. Oh, and put them on all the way. Thanks!

Milwaukee Bucks v LA Clippers37. Load management in the NBA

First year selection

I absolutely hate the fact that load management in the NBA is even a thing. Are players that hard-pressed these days to play an 82-game schedule?

Back in the day, you never saw players like Michael Jordan or Karl Malone or Magic Johnson taking games off because they were tired. They came to play every night they were healthy and they didn’t complain about it. The problem I have is that if you’re going to one NBA game per season and it’s against an opponent with a superstar player and that player’s out because they’re “tired”, that’s going to piss a lot of people off.

I don’t think shortening the schedule is the solution, I think players need to man up and play the games they’re scheduled to play. You make millions of dollars, act like it!

VelcroChucks36. Converse All-Stars with velcro straps

First year selection

I saw these horrendous looking shoes on someone when I was at Disneyland and was absolutely shocked that they not only exist, but that someone thought they looked cool enough to wear.

These are not true Converse All-Stars at all. Those have laces that you tie (also,no,Shoreline Converse All-Stars are trash,too!) and come in high tops or low tops. That’s it! Velcro straps? What are you,five?

I don’t know who designed these, but they didn’t do themselves any favors by doing such a thing. Tying your shoes is something we all have to learn in life and what better shoes to learn how to do so than a pair of Converse All-Stars? Velcro straps are a way of saying “I give up!” and “I’m kinda lazy!”

TriplesAlley235. Triples Alley at Oracle Park (Just some of it!)

Second year selection

This is yet again making the list and the reason being is that it’s something that needs to be done in order for the Giants to have success going forward.

The league is built on power now and in 2019 a record was set for home runs hit in a season and the guys in orange and black didn’t contribute very much to that cause.

If you’ve ever wondered why free agents power hitters won’t play for the Giants it’s because their numbers would decrease there as a result of the chilly weather during the summertime as well as the 400-foot fly balls that count as outs there whereas in other ballparks, those are considered homeruns. This ballpark is at an all-time disadvantage for the Giants as they’ve lost a total of 272 games since the end of the 2016 season, their last one in which they made the playoffs, many of those games were played in a ballpark that’s designed for teams to win 1-0 games and that just doesn’t do it anymore.

The bullpens are getting moved behind the outfield and the thing that needs to happen next is the fences moving in. I’m not asking for a huge overhaul to the fences, just one that’s going to give the home team an advantage at home again

34. People blaring their music that I don’t care about

Fourth year selection

This has yet again made the list (and at the same position as last year) because I’m getting real sick of being at a stoplight and some dude in a ’98 Honda Civic valued at $900 even with all the cosmetic crap all over it blaring his music that I’m not a fan of pulls up next to me.

It doesn’t happen just there, it also happens when I’m in the parking lot at the grocery store or even my place of employment and it gets loud and annoying.

If there’s one advantage I have on these folks, it’s that I have my hearing still and these dudes can’t hear what I’m saying to them because they’re deaf from all the awful music they’ve had blaring in their old cars that are of little value to anyone.

Halloween33. Postponing Halloween to a more “convenient” time

Second year selection

This has yet again made the list because I absolutely hate this idea and it’s continuing to get brought up around the time of the holiday, which is celebrated on October 31.

I get it, Halloween more often than not falls on a school night, which means tasks like homework and eating dinner and even bathing get put off a little or altogether. When we had Halloween in the 1980s and 1990s when I was growing up, no parents ever talked about this. We turned out fine.

As I said last year, Kids may not even be any safer if Halloween was conveniently moved to the weekend because more people are out at that time and I think kids would be in even more danger and older kids may end up in jail or missing themselves.

Also, this would give license to move whatever holidays to wherever because “we can’t make it”. Christmas would get moved to December 27, Thanksgiving would be in Mid-October, and Valentine’s Day would get knocked back to February 16 (Worst idea ever, by the way). Let’s leave certain things as they are, Halloween is fine right where it is!

Mike202032. Billionaires running for President

First year selection

I have had a similar item on the list which was Celebrities running for office, but this isn’t that. I’m talking about billionaires who think they can fix the problems of working class people once they got into office as President of the United States.

Guess what? We have one now who is acting as interim president and he is messing things up in a big way. Sure, he’s a moron who should never have been elected in the first place, but he’s in the same club that you and I aren’t allowed in and if you think the likes of Tom Steyer, Michael Bloomberg, and Mark Cuban care about fixing what’s really broken in America today, you’re going to be waiting a while.

If anything, they would probably start more wars, because let’s be honest, the only reason we are bombing eight different countries is because peace isn’t profitable. College would be less affordable than ever before, same with healthcare. Rich people only care about one class of people: Rich people.

I’d rather vote for a former bartender who has a populist message for our nation than a rich asshole who doesn’t care about you anytime. I’m done with people buying their way into office and you should be, too!

31. Good Day Sacramento

Fourth year selection

If there’s one thing that I don’t like about local television, it’s “news” shows such as this. Not only is Good Day Sacramento not as good as it used to be, I also view it as childish and uninformative when it comes to getting the news anyone would need to start their day.

No moment on the show made that more evident than back in October when former reporter Angel Cardenas was reporting at a car show at Cal Expo and decided to hop on other people’s cars as well as ding them with the doors. Many viewers were outraged and disappointed that such behavior was being tolerated on the air for so long, even by the anchors on the show. That wasn’t the first time the show received major backlash and made national headlines and if it continues the immature path they’re on, it won’t be the last!

30. The “Free Phone Football” commercials

First year selection

There are many awful commercials we’ve had to watch throughout the years and many of them are awful. But this year, nothing compares to the NFL’s commercials advertising their apps where you can watch football on your phone for free and the awful catch-phrase “Free Phone Football”.

The worst ad is the couple with twins who keep whispering “Free Phone Football” over and over for about 20 seconds of a 30 second ad. It makes me wonder who approves of these commercials in the first place and proves that just because commercials costs a lot of money to make doesn’t mean they’re of any quality. These ads are solid proof of that!

SantaAnitaPark29. Santa Anita Park

First year selection

I probably shouldn’t like horse racing as much as I do, but I enjoy the sport and have no plans to abandon liking it anytime soon. What I don’t like are race tracks where horses go to die remaining open, and that’s what Santa Anita Park, located in Arcadia, Calif. (near Los Angeles) basically is.

As of press time, 37 horses have lost their lives at the park since last December and honestly it wouldn’t surprise me if more did after this list comes out. The poor conditions of the track have caused these horses to lose their lives as a result and lord knows if the ownership group of the track has done anything to resolve the problems that have led to the epidemic of the park being an equine graveyard.

I really hope at some point this place gets closed because of all the horses who have unnecessarily have to perish because of how bad the track has been managed.

WeddingRingOff28. Happily married people who don’t wear their wedding rings

Second year selection

Another Keepin’ it Real selection and this was originally happily married women who don’t wear their wedding rings, but it’s since been amended to the fellas who don’t do the same.

Maybe I need to get a life, but it does bug me whenever I see someone who is happily married yet doesn’t want to wear their ring. It starts to tell me that things may be getting rocky and that there’s trouble in paradise if that ring isn’t there. Because honestly, that’s a sign that a marriage is in trouble. You know it, I know it, everyone knows it.

SO many people are splitting up nowadays and it would make me feel better knowing that things are okay between you two. So do me a favor, pop that ring back on if things are okay.

PopeyesSandwich27. People killing each other over chicken sandwiches

First year selections

You know that once Popeyes started bringing their new chicken sandwich back after they ran out back in September that things would get chaotic. Little did I know that this was going to be a food item people would kill for.

Unfortunately it happened last month when a Maryland man was killed in an argument over the sandwich. He was stabbed and died from his injuries.

This is how you know that people are taking things too far, especially when it comes to food. I get that a lot of people are looking forward to having this, but it’s not worth taking another person’s life, even if they did cut in line. Life is too short to be getting upset over something so trivial. Chicken sandwiches aren’t something anyone should die over at the hands of someone with a knife or a gun

GunsTrucks.jpg26. People who constantly talk about guns and trucks on Facebook

Second year selection

If there’s something that screams “We get it, we don’t care” on social media, it’s people who do nothing but talk about guns and trucks on there.

First of all, nobody cares. I don’t know many people who care about your crappy truck that’s on monster truck wheels that make up for a ton of shortcomings for you. We also don’t care that you have an assault rifle and like to use it whenever possible, especially to hunt defenseless animals.

That kinda thing tells me that you don’t have much going on in life and you want people to pay attention to you, so as a result that’s all you talk about.

I don’t care. More than likely you and I have little to nothing in common anyhow and you probably voted for Trump because just about everyone who has a truck and a gun did. I’m probably stereotyping, but I don’t care, sometimes it’s fun.

MustangSUV25. CATCH-ALL: Tesla’s new truck and the Ford Mustang SUV

First year selections

Proof that wealth can’t buy class are these two vehicles. Let’s start with the Tesla truck.

First of all, who designed this? Second of all, why would anyone buy this? And third, what the hell?TeslaTruck

Tesla has the trendiest vehicles for the whitest and richest people out there, but anyone who thinks this is so cool looking needs to go get their eyes checked. This is ugly. It’s also proof, however, that Tesla fans are sheep and will buy whatever Elon Musk and his team design. Also, nice “shatterproof” windows!

Now onto the Ford Mustang SUV: This is NOT a Ford Mustang. A Ford Mustang has two doors, an engine that runs on gas, and can be a convertible. A Mustang is not an SUV, that would be a Ford Explorer. I get that times are changing with the automobile industry in a big way, but some things should just be left well enough alone, and Ford’s most signature car ever should be one of them.

ShoeFreeHouse24. Shoe-free households

Second year selection

This has made the list again and for good reason. I have a hard time being out of my shoes at someone else’s house. Hell, even at my house if I’m fully dressed. I don’t feel complete without them. I know it’s weird, but that’s just how I am, get over it!

Besides, I’m more than likely not tracking in that much dirt. If you’ve got a place where I can wipe my feet, we’re in better shape than we first thought. That way the shoes can stay on and I don’t feel out of place without them.

AntiVaxxer23. Anti-vaxxers

Fourth year selection

While it’s true that I am not a parent myself and hate telling other parents how to raise their children, it doesn’t do them an ounce of good if they aren’t vaccinated.

Myself and my three siblings along with my nieces and nephew have all been vaccinated and are doing just fine. At least we’re not responsible for bring back the measles and smallpox and no, vaccinations don’t cause autism. That’s just you being lazy by not doing proper research on how vaccines work. You’re also probably too lazy to take your kids to get shots, too. And let’s not forget about celebrity parents who are afraid to get their kids their shots *cough* Jenny McCarthy *cough*.

Beyond that, a lot of parents don’t want their kids coexisting with the kids that aren’t vaccinated and that in of itself is scary. Think about that!

90sFrames.jpg22. Eyeglasses from the 1990s

First year selection

This is something I had a feeling might make the list sometime. After all, a lot of things from the 1990s are back and the ugly glasses that people wore during those years did the same.

To everyone who got a pair of these, I have to ask one question: But Why?

Glasses from the 1990s were by far the least good looking glasses from any decade ever. They were wire frames, they were round, and that was it. A lot of my classmates who were cursed wearing these the first time around couldn’t wait to ditch them in favor of contact lenses and looking back, I understand why.

I think if these glasses become that popular, I may do the same. I can’t bring myself to get glasses that are so unflattering on the faces of anyone. These glasses are the worst, trust me, a person who grew up during that time and every person who had those extra two eyes on their face.

Also, if you’re getting new glasses and need a second opinion on whether or not you should get them, call me. I’m going to perfectly honest with you if they look good or not and honestly I may slap your hand if you even pick up a pair of 90s frames to begin with.

MayoPete21. Fauxgressives

First year selection

We are wrapping up part four with something I have long hated, and that’s candidates who are running for office on the left who pretend to be so progressive and then later move closer and closer to the center and show their true colors. We’ve seen it already with a lot of the candidates who are running to try and knock Donald Trump from his position as interim president next year. People like Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, and Pete Buttigieg are all candidates who have started campaigns as progressives and then back off on their earlier positions to show that they’re not going to rock the boat if elected and only want incremental change which, by the way, gets us nowhere as a society or a country.

So many issues have been on the backburner that need to be addressed and a half-measure isn’t going to do it. Why anyone would want to vote for someone who doesn’t want to make significant changes that other countries have already done is beyond me. The status quo is what got us Trump in the first place and the majority of our country is fed up with it and wants great changes to be made for the better.

This is exactly why I’m not a Democrat because the establishment that thinks everything will be sunshine and rainbows once/if Trump ever leaves office are the ones who are holding back progress by going along with incremental changes and wanting the Republicans to like them. I don’t want to like them, I want to beat them in elections with ideas. They really oughta try that sometime, but since so many of them are as spineless as they come, I’m not holding hope anytime soon for them to change their moronic ways.

Part Five comes your way tomorrow!

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