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Giants front office underwhelms thus far at winter meetings

BobbyEvansIf the front office of the San Francisco Giants is reloading rather than rebuilding,as they said at season’s end, they’re going to have to prove it to many of their fans as they’ve yet to make any sort of splash at Orlando’s winter meetings.

Sure,we had a little hope when they were gunning for Giancarlo Stanton prior to the meetings,but now,not so much. General manager Bobby Evans and Vice President of Baseball Operations Brian Sabean have come up empty thus far at baseball’s winter meetings in Orlando,Fla. this week save for re-signing their back-up catcher. Sure,they were tied to players like Marcell Ozuna and Christian Yelich,and were even hoping to snag one of the Cardinals’ young outfielders after they traded for Ozuna, but nope,nothing as far as getting a proven power hitter or even any defensive help in the outfield has materialized.

For me as a fan who is normally pumped for another season to get here as soon as possible,it’s kind of hard to now that we know where this team stands. Having lost 98 games last year in a year where everything that could go wrong did, I don’t have much hope that things will get any better anytime soon at this point. Sure,there are a few prospects that the team has that may turn out to be really good in years to come,but that’s down the road. If you were to ask me how this team is going to do with the roster they have now, I’m willing to bet that they’ll finish with more losses than last year. Not wins-losses.

Look, these guys aren’t as young as they were back when they were winning three World Series titles. Hunter Pence is 34 and keeps getting hurt and as much as I love him in terms of his personality and his being at ease with playing right field at AT&T Park, trying to get more production from him is going to be too much to ask. Denard Span is 33 and hasn’t been as good as Giants fans had hoped he would be. Pablo Sandoval is also not the player he once was in his first go-around with his team and also,Brandon Crawford and Buster Posey will be another year older come Opening Day.

Add in a bunch of guys who were thrown into the mix probably a little too soon like Ryder Jones and Austin Slater and you’ve got a team that, at best, will probably win upwards of 70 games. The only way I can see them bouncing back is if Brandon Belt finds some power and doesn’t get concussion after concussion,if Bumgarner sells his dirtbike, and if the guys who were brought up too soon turn out to be something. Is it possible? Sure,anything is,but is it anything I’d bank on going into 2018? Not right now,I wouldn’t.

Is it also possible that something gets done today and this column is nothing but garbage by days end? Sure,but that’s wishful thinking at this point.

If it seems like fans have been frustrated,disappointed,and agitated, they have every right to be. They just witnessed a team that had postseason expectations nearly crack the 100-loss mark. This past season wasn’t their fault at all,and despite all of it,they still came out to the ballpark game after game and supported the team under the worst of circumstances. If anything, the fans,also known as paying customers, deserve to have a competitive ballclub to root for and I can surely bet that a lot of them aren’t going to want to see another 98 loss season again.

Look,I get that they want to hold onto whatever top-level prospects they have. That’s commendable and smart,but what happened to them reloading? If you’re reloading,what’s the hold-up? Teams are making moves left and right,even the Oakland A’s made a move. They never do that,if anything,they’re usually running the fire sale.

Fans don’t want to hear about the moves the Giants aren’t making,they want to be assured that something is happening and that your words in that special regarding the “reload” are in fact the truth. After all of the time and in a lot of cases,their hard-earned money on this team,they have the right to know.

What fans know right now is that this front office has a lot of work to do to not only fix this roster,but restore their confidence in this team.

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