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Reviewing the new Detroit Lions Uniforms

The Detroit Lions,fresh off of being in the playoffs in 2016, have come out with some new threads for 2017 and beyond. Those uniforms were unveiled on Thursday.
Gone in the team’s color scheme is black (Thank goodness!) and they’ve reverted their usual honolulu blue and silver that the team has sported throughout most of their history.LionsNewUnis.png

The helmet ditches the black stripes that adorned the top previously and instead have three blue stripes in place. The facemask is now silver,previously it was black.

The home jersey is the usual honolulu blue with silver sleeve stripes and white numerals on the chest,back,and shoulders. On the right sleeve is the new LIONS wordmark and on the left sleeve are the initials WCF in tribute to the late William Clay Ford,who owned the team until his death in 2014. Previously, Ford’s initials were placed on the chest of the jersey. The home pants are silver and have the same blue striping pattern as the helmet.

The away jersey is white with honolulu blue sleeve stripes and numerals on the chest,back,and shoulders. Just like the home jersey, the sleeves have LIONS on the right and WCF on the left. For the first time since 1998 the Lions are wearing honolulu blue pants with their away uniforms. Those pants have the silver striping similar to the stripes on the home silver pants.

LionsNewUnis2.pngThere is an alternate uniform that is silver in color from head-to-toe with white numerals on the jersey and honolulu blue sleeve stripes. These are the team’s Color Rush uniforms. The pants have no stripes on them,though.

They also have a throwback uniform that looks like the one the team has worn time and time again on Thanksgiving.LionsSilverUnis.png



Here’s what I like about the uniforms: First off,the elimination of black from the color scheme entirely. To me it felt like they were trying too hard to have too many colors in their palette and had it for the sake of having black in the color scheme. I also like the stripes on the helmet as well as the pants and jersey. I also love the blue pants for the away set.

Here’s what I don’t like about the uniforms: The LIONS wordmark on the sleeves. I know what team this is. Come on,now!

Overall,I think this new uniform for the Lions is a good re-tweak!

Thumbs Up!


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