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Odds & Ends-Volume 173


garappoloWe begin this week’s edition of Odds & Ends with the possibility of trading New England Patriots quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo to the Cleveland Browns. It was discussed ealier last week and the Browns have needed a quarterback for as long as they’ve been reborn.

Garoppolo showed flashes that he might be very good after all when he filled in during Tom Brady’s unnecessary suspension earlier in the season. He did,however,play in an established system where many players have flourished,but once they’ve left the system,they aren’t the same. The Browns have two picks in the first round and some are saying the Browns should give the first overall pick to the reigning Super Bowl champions for him.

To that,I say, is absolutely ridiculous.

While,yes,the Browns should offer a first-round pick at worst for him, it should be the 12th overall pick, and maybe a third of fourth rounder to the Patriots. Maybe you give a second round and a fourth round pick,and maybe a late-round pick in next year’s draft. I still say you give up that 12th pick because of the mediocre quarterback class that exists in this year’s draft.

I don’t know if Garoppolo will be a great quarterback in Cleveland,or Houston,or San Francisco,or Chicago,or anywhere else but Foxboro, he may be the next Brock Osweiler for all we know,but I think for the Browns,who need to find a way to be relevant somehow, it may be worth it to trade that seond first-round pick to get a signal caller who’s shown you a little something as a pro.

Tony Romo and talks about him going to the Denver Broncos are intensifying. Well,to an NFL: Dallas Cowboys at New Orleans Saintsextent, at least.

The 37-year-old quarterback is expected to be released by the Dallas Cowboys and the Broncos have had a glaring hole at that position even when Peyton Manning was in his final season. Trevor Siemian was the team’s signal caller most of the season and Paxton Lynch had a couple of starts when the former was injured. Siemian was 8-6 as the Broncos’ starter.

When healthy,Romo has been a incredible passer and a winner. However, he only has two career playoff wins and none past the second round. Many believe that,with Denver’s defense and the pieces on offense that they have that they can be a Super Bowl contender should Romo join the picture while Lynch gets groomed to take over when Romo retires.

I think that Denver would be crazy to pass up Romo. I mean,this is a team that about a year ago signed Mark “Buttfumble” Sanchez and thought he would be suitable to take over for Manning after he retired and Brock Osweiler stole $72 million from the Houston Texans. Hell,they tried trading for Colin Kaepernick at one point.

It’s a perfect situation for Romo to take over a good team that needs someone to play effectively at the league’s most important position. The only issue is how much you pay him,but if you give him a two-year contract while you get the next generation quarterback ready,I think it would work out.

lonzoballAccording to his father, UCLA freshman point guard Lonzo Ball will only play for the Los Angeles Lakers.

“My son will only play for the Lakers,” LaVar Ball said in an interview with The Kevin and Mike show on KCUB in Tucson,Ariz.

Ball is averaging 15 points, 7.5 assists, 6.3 rebounds and 1.9 steals per game for the fifth-ranked Bruins this season and is projected to be selected in the top three of this year’s NBA Draft.

LaVar Ball later clarified his comments to ESPN on Saturday.

“All I said was that my boy is going to play for the Lakers, and I’m going to speak it into existence,” Ball said. “I want him to be a Laker, but I wasn’t saying he’s only going to play for the Lakers. I’m not trying to say he won’t play for a different team. But I’d like him to play for the Lakers because it’s home and I’d love him to learn from Magic (Johnson) He’s the best guard ever to me, and nobody better for Lonzo to learn from than Magic Johnson.”

The Lakers would have the third overall selection in the draft if you go by record,and could select Ball if they wished and maybe dealt D’ Angelo Russell.

Look,I get that you guys are from Los Angeles and that every kid’s dream is to play for their hometown team,but you don’t say that on public airwaves in the first place. Your son is going to be lucky to be drafted no matter who selects him. His son is very talented and from what I’ve heard his younger brothers are just as,if not more,talented,but no matter where he goes,he’s probably going to be very successful.

WARNING: The following video contains very graphic scenes, viewer discretion is advised!

Former Buffalo Sabres defenseman Andrew Peters,36, was allegdly involved in a fight.

No,it wasn’t on an NHL rink,but in a youth hockey fight on Saturday.

In the video above from YouTube, Peters is shown possibly punching or pushing a teenager on the ice as a fight ensues. Peters is the head coach of the Buffalo Jr. Sabres 15 and under team.

Peters played five seasons with the Buffalo Sabres and had a brief stint with the New Jersey Devils. In 226 games, Peters tallied four goals, seven points and 650 penalty minutes.

“We are very disappointed in the series of events that unfolded during the 15U Buffalo Jr. Sabres game on Saturday,” said Buffalo Jr. Sabres President Kevyn Adams. “We are currently reviewing the situation and in the meantime have suspended head coach Andrew Peters indefinitely until the matter is resolved.”

He not only needs to be suspended,but fired and not allowed to coach young kids like that. I get that even in junior hockey that there are going to be fights, but you as a coach should never be involved in one yourself,especially with a child. Hockey is,and should be,a violent sport,but the coaches need to stay out of the violence at all levels.

That’s all for this week for Odds & Ends this week, we’ll catch you next time!

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