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Odds & Ends-Volume 150


Welcome to the 150th edition of Odds & Ends. I can’t believe this is the 150th time we’ve done this feature,it’s been a part of the site since 2012 and I hope it keeps going and I hope you guys keep reading. richhill

We begin Odds & Ends this week with the second occurrence of Dodgers manager Dave Roberts taking out a pitcher when he’s got a perfect game going this season. The incident took place on Saturday in Miami with Rich Hill going seven innings without allowing a Marlins baserunner and throwing only 89 pitches before the skipper replaced him with Joe Blanton. Hill was unhappy about the decision,swearing and stomping around the dugout,even slamming a bat against the bench.

“I think if it was earlier in the year I would have let him go back out there, yes,” Roberts said. “But we’ve got Clayton [Kershaw] coming back. He threw three innings the night before. What we’ve done since February to get to the point we’re at with two and a half weeks left in the season, it just wasn’t worth the risk. Richie is throwing as good as anyone in all of baseball. To take the risk to lose him for the postseason is irresponsible, I think, on my part.”

This,as I mentioned,isn’t the first time Roberts has pulled his starting pitcher away from perfection. Earlier in the season he pulled Ross Stripling after 7 2/3 innings and 100 pitches without allowing a hit during that game at home against San Francisco. Hill does have blisters on his throwing hand and Roberts was worried about them.

I understand where Roberts is coming from, but if a guy is pitching the game of his life,you leave him in. Did Bruce Bochy pull Matt Moore when he had a no-hitter going a couple weeks ago? Absolutely not! It was only until he had a guy get a hit off of him that he was yanked. It almost makes me wonder if Roberts wants any of his guys achieving greatness such as a no-hitter or a perfect game. Apparently not!

tebowbaseballTim Tebow has been signed by a professional sports team,but it’s not to play quarterback or by an NFL team. The New York Mets have signed him to a minor league deal and given him a signing bonus of $100,000.

Tebow,29,will begin his professional baseball career in the fall instructional league on Sept. 19 in Port St. Lucie, Fla. He will be allowed a couple dayd per week to honor his commitment as an analyst for ESPN college football,a position he has held since 2013.

It is unknown what position Tebow would play.

It’s going to be interesting to see if he can make his way into a second sport. I thought at some point we would see him again on an NFL roster and he hasn’t done that at all. I feel,in a way, that he was blackballed from the NFL because of his religious beliefs and not his style of play. I wish him the best in trying to make an MLB roster.

If there’s an epidemic in football that needs to go away,it’s dropping the ball before going into the end zone. rayraymccloud

It began with DeSean Jackson in 2008,then with Danny Trevathen,and now Clemson wide receiver Ray Ray McCloud is the latest to lose control of the ball beforw actually scoring.

The play that it happened on was a punt return at home against Troy where McCloud could have basically walked into the end zone and scored,but he forgot to bring the ball with him as he crossed the goal line and foolishly dropped the ball as well.

I thought we were past this when Jackson and Trevathen let go of the ball too soon. I think it’s time that football players wait until the plane is crossed before disposing the ball after scoring. Either that or let players use it as a prop when they celebrate their score.

I think it’s time I ripped someone a new one and this time around,it’s the people who run the servers at ESPN Fantasy.

espnfantasyIn case you missed it or don’t use them for your fantasy sports needs, everyone who uses ESPN Fantasy Football for their phones or online in general couldn’t due to an outage that lasted about three hours during the first week of the regular season. If memory serves,this is the second consecutive year this has happened on the first day that football has a full slate of games. The timing of the outage couldn’t have been more frustrating for users who took their frustrations to social media,particularly Twitter,and let them have it.

I personally use ESPN for two leagues this year and have been commissioner of a league since 2007 on the site and I think it’s safe to say that I wasn’t very happy with the outage. I was watching football most of the day on Sunday and when I do,I like to have my browser open to the sites where my teams are playing and not being able to access two of my three teams was frustrating. I felt like that family in the AT&T commercial who has their internet out and is doing their best to cope without it. Beyond that, there were others who were frustrated that they couldn’t make any last minute lineup changes if someone was suddenly out who was starting on their rosters. I think ESPN owes more than an apology for the occurence since it seems to be a frequent one. I think they should get people who know what they’re doing and know how to run a website and fantasy games service in place. It’s outages like the one that happened yesterday that are not making the case for your customers to use your product again next week let alone next year,myself being one of them.

That’s about it for this edition of Odds & Ends. Thanks to everyone who has read all 150 of these. You know who you are and I hope you keep reading this feature. Until next time!


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