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T.J. the Sports Geek’s 2014 MLB Preview


Sorry this is a couple of days late,but here it is just before the season starts in Australia (WHY?), your 2014 MLB Preview

American League

AL East

Boston Red Sox (95- 67)
Tampa Bay Rays (92-70)
Baltimore Orioles (86-76)
New York Yankees (81-81)
Toronto Blue Jays (70-92)

Overview: The Red Sox came from last to first to win the World Series last year and they are hoping to repeat, but as recent history has shown that is very hard to do. I do think they’re still good enough to repeat as division champions. The Rays and Orioles hope to be in the mix for the playoff race as well as the division race. The Yankees in my eyes are overrated and spending to win may hurt them this season. The Blue Jays were everyone’s darling,surprise team last season. How’d that work out for ya? About the same as it will this year!

AL Central

Detroit Tigers (94-68)
Kansas City Royals (90-72)
Cleveland Indians (84-78)
Chicago White Sox (73-89)
Minnesota Twins (63-99)

Overview: The Tigers will be the winners of the division despite losing manager Jim Leyland and Prince Fielder. They still have great pitchers like Max Scherzer and Justin Verlander and Ian Kinsler came over in the Fielder trade,this team is still pretty good. A team that may prove to be very good this year is the Kansas City Royals. They were so close to getting back to postseason play and I think this year they will get there so long as their key players stay healthy. The Indians,well,I thought last year was kind of a fluke for them. I won’t be too surprised if they get back to the postseason,but I am not expecting it. The White Sox will not have a great season in what will be Paul Konerko’s last year. The Twins host this year’s All-Star Game.

AL West

Texas Rangers (92-70)
Oakland Athletics (87-75)
Anaheim Angels (79-83)
Seattle Mariners (76-86)
Houston Astros (58-104)

Overview: The Rangers look to take back the division crown from the Oakland A’s and I think they do it this year. I think they’ve gotten better than they were last season and as long as they don’t fade in September and early October, I think they’re legit. The A’s look to make it three division titles in a row,but if they get back to the postseason,will they have to face a mighty Detroit team again that has owned them? We shall see! Why are people picking the Angels to have a good season? I always pick them year after year and they end up sucking major ass, I have learned my lesson. The Mariners need more than just Robinson Cano to get to the playoffs. The Astros will continue to be the Lastros.

National League

NL East

Washington Nationals (97-65)
Atlanta Braves (93-69)
New York Mets (84-78)
Miami Marlins (68-94)
Philadelphia Phillies (65-97)

Overview: The Nationals look to rebound from a disappointing 2013 season in which they were expected to make some noise while the Braves look to reload as they lose several key players to other teams. The Mets may be a lot better than I predict them to be,but I want to see this to believe it. The Marlins are still not very good and may look to unload Giancarlo Stanton before season’s end. The Phillies are not the team they used to be in the late 2000’s and I’m surprised that they have not rebounded from their 2012 fire sale. Better days may have to wait in Philly.

NL Central

Pittsburgh Pirates (98-64)
St. Louis Cardinals (90-72)
Cincinnati Reds (89-73)
Milwaukee Brewers (75-87)
Chicago Cubs (66-96)

Overview: I think the Pirates will make a splash this year and win the division. I thought they were going to do it last season,but fell short of that,but they still made their first postseason in 21 years. The Cardinals will have to fight to get back to the postseason. Yes,they were in the World Series last season, but it’s hard to get back to the postseason after losing like they did. The Reds will have to prove that they’re still as good as they were when Dusty Baker was their manager. The Brewers are not who they once were,even with Ryan Braun there showing he is a good player without juicing up. The Cubs will have to wait until next year…again.

NL West

Los Angeles Dodgers (95-67)
San Francisco Giants (91-71)
Arizona Diamondbacks (85-77)
San Diego Padres (75-87)
Colorado Rockies (64-98)

Overview: The NL West will be more competitive than it was in 2013. The Dodgers will more than likely win it again,but the Giants will give them a run for their money. The Giants are healthy and if they can stay that way,they can do some great things. The Diamondbacks wouldn’t surprise me if they were to make the postseason this season,but that was to be believed to be seen. The Padres and Rockies are years away from being good again in my view.


AL Wild Card
Kansas City over Tampa Bay

NL Wild Card
San Francisco over Atlanta

Boston over Kansas City
Texas over Detroit

Pittsburgh over San Francisco
Washington over Los Angeles

Texas over Boston

Pittsburgh over Washington


World Series
Pittsburgh over Texas

Enjoy the season!



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