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Three Years of Fun-And We’re Still Going Strong!

3rdAnniversaryHi friends,

Today is the third anniversary of the T.J. the Sports Geek blog. This crazy nonsense all started back on Feb. 10,2010 when the blog was known as All Things Orange, a general purpose/entertainment blog. Our first post was this review of the Carl’s Jr. Grilled Cheese Bacon Burger. The blog didn’t start out to be anything special, probably because I was writing about everything and was trying to find my niche. I think I did when we switched to sports and in June of that year, I decided to rename it after me, T.J. the Sports Geek. I still write other stuff from time to time just so the casual or non sports fans have something to read as well. 

After 106 columns, 23 Top 8 lists, 38 reviews,three editions of the Things That Need to Go list, seven Tales of the Tape, and over 45,000 views, I am just getting started. I’ll still be doing all the same features you know and love, but won’t be afraid to do something new. I will still cover local sports teams but if a story happens elsewhere, I will get to that,too. 

And yes,of course, there will be another edition of The Things That Need to Go list. It is a staple of this blog, something that started as something of an inside joke between friends. The Things That Need to Go in 2014 list will be a six-part series beginning Dec. 8 of this year. If you have something for the list,let me know.

We also will be approaching our 50,000th view this year and will commemorate that somehow. It’s looking to be a great 2013 for the blog and I hope you come along for the ride.

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