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Sweeter the second time around

The San Francisco Giants won their second World Series in three years in big fashion, beating the Detroit Tigers 4-3 in 10 innings in Game 4, effectively sweeping the series.

Pablo Sandoval won World Series MVP honors by hitting three home runs in the first game,something three other players have done in World Series history (Babe Ruth, Reggie Jackson,Albert Pujols).

I’ll admit, I wasn’t sure if this team would go far in the playoffs or even win the division. There were a lot of big time doubts when we weren’t sure if Buster Posey would be the same player he had been his rookie year. There were different players were gone due to injury (Brian Wilson) or suspension (Melky Cabrera, Guillermo Mota) or even when your biggest rival trades for players with a quarter of a billion dollars in salary to try and win a title. There were players who weren’t having the best of years (Tim Lincecum) and players who were in the twilight of their careers (Aubrey Huff). Through good times and bad, the Giants hung in there.

This was a team that had a lot to prove, that they still were a team that could win a championship like they did in 2010. They also had to fend off a rising Dodgers team who,for a good chunk of the early part of the season, were in first place in the NL West. Then the Dodgers acquire a quarter of a billion dollars worth of talent,but that didn’t matter, the Giants decided to step on the gas and win the division by eight games.

Facing elimination in the playoffs twice, the Giants showed everyone watching the kind of fight they had to come back and win not once,but twice on their way to get back to the World Series.

I thought I would see a competitive series against the Tigers who I thought were just as good as the Giants and on the brink of a title,too. But the Giants showed why they’ve been there before and why they’ve kept fighting by mowing down Tigers batters and showing a little offense themselves (more so in the first game mostly). The Tigers did show a little fight in Game Four and looked like they might be staying alive in the series for at least one more game,but in that tenth inning, Marco Scutaro drove in the winning run to make it 4-3.

Sergio Romo (who is a miracle) got the final three outs and the save and more importantly put a bow on the 2012 World Series and made a region happy once again and they are definitely ready to celebrate. I think these fans might be getting used to this.


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