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Is the Pro Bowl due for an exit?

Could the words “future Pro bowl selection” actually cease to lack true meaning?

According to sources, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell may be considering ending the Pro Bowl as we know it. The first instance of it may come as early as this year’s game, scheduled for Feb. 3 in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans. The main reason speculated is the game’s lack of competitiveness in recent years and also a solution for the problem has yet to be found by the NFL or the commissioner himself.

I have to say I think it’s actually not a bad idea at all. I mean,have you ever watched the Pro Bowl? I have and it’s terrible. In 2010, I went to watch it at a friend’s home and we ended up watching a movie midway through. The lack of effort the players show is seriously embarrassing (my friends and I were kids playing football up at the elementary school gave more effort) and it may be time to scrap the game if there’s no reasonable way to improve it.

I know it’s an exhibition game and in a lot of other sports the All-Star games are boring and not fun to watch (baseball is the lone exception, it’s actually an interesting game), but if players aren’t trying their hardest or just treat it as a trip to Hawaii with a football game in between, the game’s gotta go. I remember Aaron Rodgers was even disappointed of the overall performance of his NFC team, and this is the league MVP that’s saying this.

I think if they do come to a solution regarding the game,by all means bring it back. Fans do love going to the game and seeing all their favorite players on one field. But if this is how the Pro Bowl dies, it did die a slow,painful death.

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