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2012: Something Good is Brewing

OK,I admit sometimes I do this blog for myself and you know what? I am alright with that. This is one of those times.

I cannot believe how fast this year went. It was not the year I was hoping it would be,but I know what should have happened this year will carry over into the new year. This year got off to a bad start, but things did rebound pretty quickly. In January my dad had lung cancer surgery that lasted nine hours,but the great thing was that it was a success and he is doing great now. We visited him often in the hospital as much as we could and I was more than happy to do so because of how much he means to me.

Although I would constantly wonder when he would even be coming home during that time, I was just happy to see him when I could. One highlight of our visits to him were out trips to Chick-fil-A which was down the way from the hospital. Chick-fil-A is delicious!

About a month later, I suffered an episode of my own as I had gone through a complex migraine. I had blurred vision and was very dizzy and so much wasn’t making sense. There are still moments from that day I have a hard time remembering and that isn’t often that happens. I have a pretty good memory. I had seen a doctor some time later who told me it shouldn’t happen again so long as I don’t exude the same symptoms again.

I did a lot of traveling this year, more than I really have in any recent years. Because of that, I put more than 14,000 miles on my car as of press time. How I managed to not break down at any point this year, I’ll never know. I guess my car is just a beast. I’ve even gotten through my fear of bridges which has prevented me in past years from going to places like the Bay Area alone. I can now drive on the Bay Bridge with no trouble. I’m proud of myself.

I met a lot of wonderful people in my travels and have had so much fun doing so. It’s always fun getting to know new people and even counting them as friends. It seems to happen a lot more than I think it does and I’m fine with that. Even getting to visit with friends I already had was great and even having them along for the ride was especially wonderful.

Of course I went to a few sporting events this year, mainly to the Kings and RiverCats, but also to my first hockey game with the Stockton Thunder. That was badass and I can’t wait to go again. The one Kings game I did go to was with my dad and it was almost certain to be the last game we would ever go to as it was the season finale against the Lakers. It was actually an uncomfortable experience because of how many Lakers fans took over the ARCO Arena. I have to say a lot of their fans are pretty obnoxious,but I’ll rip Los Angeles sports fans another day.

Our family got a new friend in our German Shepherd-Akita mix dog named Kona. He is still quite the overgrown puppy at this point,but we love him. Though I will say it is not fun chasing him around the backyard when he has something of yours even though he thinks otherwise. We did lose my buddy kitty,Ozzy, in July. He was nine,almost 10 years old. He gave me a lot of joy during those years and I always enjoyed his company. He will be missed.

This blog had a stellar 2011 as well. At the beginning of the year, it maybe had around 2,000 views total, it has passed the 18,000 view mark as of press time and more and more people are following it. It’s been a lot of fun doing this blog and I hope to continue to bring you the reader the best quality writing possible.

I did have quite a lot of fun and even some trying times personally,financially, and otherwise, but I know that 2012 has something good brewing and will be full of adventure. I turn 30 in 2012 and I am very excited to be doing so. I have a lot of great things planned that I hope to do and I know that whatever big changes may be in store for me personally, I will be ready for them. I want to thank everyone who is reading and has been reading the last couple of years. I hope you will continue to read and enjoy what I have written.

Have a great new year!

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