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T.J. the Sports Geek’s Predictions for 2012

Well most of my predictions did not come true last year, a few of them like the Ed Hardy being irrelevant prediction and that we would have an NFL season after all were right on,but the others did not happen, but here comes a new year and new predictions, so here we go…

10.Spelling will be taught beyond elementary school beginning in the 2012-13 school year

This is my King of Wishful Thinking item here because so many people, mainly young people, don’t take the opportunity to spell words correctly. Look it is not that hard to know how to spell. You want proof? The dope who is writing this article knows how to do it proficiently.
Apparently this needs to be taught past the sixth grade and if so, then I am all for it. I can’t wait to see middle and high schoolers taking spelling tests along with finals. Glorious!





9. The Anaheim Angels or Philadelphia Phillies will NOT win the World Series

With the Angels paying a ton of money to Albert Pujols and C.J. Wilson, not to mention having Jered Weaver in tow, I don’t see them winning the World Series. First of all, I don’t know any other Angels other than those three and Torii Hunter, and I have no idea if they plan to keep Vernon Wells with the craptacular year he had last season. I also think the Rangers are still the best team in that division and will continue to be.
As for the Phillies, they can add all the hot players they want to and can add Jonathan Papelbon,but they still need to hit and that offense is not very good,even with Jimmie Rollins and Ryan Howard. The last time they won it all was 2008 and I just don’t see it happening this year.
So when my baseball preview comes out in March, don’t look for me to have either of those teams winning it.


8. Watches will make a comeback

I have noticed people are going back to wearing watches. A friend of mine just got a sweet looking watch over the holiday and I’m thinking they’re making a comeback in 2012. I have also had many people admire my watch over the last year. I’m sure people are getting sick of looking at their phone for what time it is.

7. Tim Tebow will be on the cover of Madden 13

This last year, the Madden folks had the fans vote for the cover athlete for Madden 12 and Peyton Hillis was the winner. He has since fallen victim to the Madden Curse after failed contract negotiations with the Browns and sitting a game out with strep throat (what a puss!). The Madden Curse is something that I think is real, it has affected just about everyone who has been on the cover (except for Larry Fitzgerald who is a badass!).
I think they will do the fan voting again and there are so many Tebow-heads out there who would jump off of a bridge if Tim Tebow told them to and they would vote for him to be on the cover. If not Tebow, I would want Alex Smith just so I can see the old Alex Smith one more season.

6. People will be in extreme panic over the world’s possible end and nothing will happen

I am not convinced at all that the world is ending in 2012. Not to mentiothey want to build bunkers underneath their houses and stock up on Rice Krispies treats and bottled water, then I say Go For It!
This same thing happened in 1999 when people thought Y2K was legit and they were so wrong and I was so right,even as a dumb 17 year old. I can’t wait to be right again.

5. Meatloaf will be the new food craze in America

I love meatloaf! It is a great food to eat though I don’t have it often, but when I do, I cannot get enough. They even have it in sandwich form now, something I discovered when I worked in a deli at a different grocery store for 53 days.
Anyways, I think it may be the next big food craze like bacon was a couple years ago and anything with chipotle was five years ago.

4. I will be over 200 pounds
I came close to that this year (197), it could happen, I don’t know. I’d have to pig out quite a bit to make that a reality. We’ll see.

3. Guy Fieri vanishes

I am not the biggest Guy Fieri fan. His persona is so 1996, nobody swing dances anymore, and I hate how he wears his sunglasses on the back of his head. I think Minute to Win It is a cool show even though it is too much like Double Dare, which was a cooler show because it had slime. Slime is awesome!

Anyways, I have a feeling that he just vanishes and goes away. It happened to that horrible woman from Flavor of Love, New York. She was around longer than her 15 minutes and now she isn’t and I am thrilled.

2. Two and a Half Men and The Office will be canceled
Charlie Sheen ruined this show by leaving it and Ashton Kutcher did so by joining it. Two and a Half Men is so unwatchable now that Mr. Tiger Blood is not there. Yes, he played himself on that show,but he was genius at it. This show needs to be taken out of its misery when the season ends,it’s so bad.

As for The Office, I have yet to see it with James Spader because I am never home on Thursdays and am too lazy to watch it any other time than when it is on, but I have a feeling that it is lacking with Steve Carell gone. It will probably be canceled,too.


1. The Oakland A’s will still suck

This franchise is a flat-out joke. Billy Beane is purposely trying to run it into the ground year after year so that when they “maybe” move to San Jose, they’ll start spending money. I would say they’re pulling a Miami Marlins,but the Marlins have had great talent just not a winning team the last few years, plus they’ve won a couple World Series (by accident) in the twenty years they’ve been around. The A’s last won in 1989.

Oakland fans, get ready to see the worst team in MLB history, Kurt Suzuki is the only player you’ll be able to name so long as he isn’t hurt, because he gets hurt a lot. Oh,and Dallas Braden still sucks. He is the worst starting pitcher on any MLB roster, he throws in the mid-60s and he’s a dick. Yes,he had a no-hitter,but he did it against the Rays, which is something so many pitchers do against them.

I can’t wait until A’s fans tell me how much better the A’s are than the Giants because I will remind them of the fire sale they have been having. Giants fans, I think winning in Oakland Coliseum this year is a safe bet. Expect a 6-0 sweep in the Bay Bridge series by the orange and black.


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