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Leftovers: The Things That Need to Go in 2012

We just finished our week of The Things That Need to Go in 2012 and with every list,there are bound to be some things that are left off. Here they are in no particular order…

People Who Fake Being Homeless

I have seen people do this before and it bothers me because for one, nobody likes competition, especially real homeless people who have it way worse than the people who are pretending. I once saw a guy holding a sign near a gas station by my house that said “Help Me Pay My Rent”. How about helping yourself? Dude, I know that times are hard but asking folks you don’t know or have never met to help out with rent to a place they don’t live in is preposterous. This sickens me but did not make the list. It might next year.

People who have been on Maury 17+ times to find out who the daddy is.

These people who have made themselves celebrities off of being on Maury are embarassing. I will admit I have caught Maury a time or two when nothing else is on and I’ve seen these repeat offenders who are that desperate to find out who Daddy is so they can get some child support from him. It’s so silly!

These people should find something else to do other than appear on one of the most horrid pieces of television as we speak. I know,I know, some of this is fake and contrived, but it’s embarassing nonetheless.

The GEICO Caveman

Ever since ABC decided to make a TV series based on this once genius ad campaign in 2007 it has been ruined for me. Not only was the show Cavemen horrible but so is the entire GEICO ad campaign. The ads I hate most are the ones with Brian Orakpo in them. They’re just so damn stupid.

This didn’t make the list because I feel like we’re stuck with this garbage ad campaign for a while.
I love the GEICO Gecko,though. Just bring back his boss who kinda looks like Governor Brown. I kinda think it was him because we haven’t seen him in commercials in a while!

Wacky radio DJs

Every city has a couple. We do here in the Sacramento area, there is one who works evenings at one station (who has changed formats again for the second time in three months) and he’s always overly excited about the songs that come on, so much so that he often talks during the song. I seriously hate that! We listen to the radio to hear music, not the wacky DJ hired to push the play button and talk sometimes.

It did not make the list because I have a friend who does a college radio show and he’s fantastic!

NFL uniforms with the pants being the same color as the jersey that aren’t white

Why do some teams insist on wearing the same color pants with the jersey? Some teams I will admit pull it off pretty good like the Broncos and Ravens (the all black ones!) but also some teams look bad like the Houston Texans (pictured) when they wear all red. Some of their players look like the Kool-Aid man in those uniforms. The Jets and Rams also look bad in all green and all blue repsectively.

It didn’t make the list because some teams look alright in them,but the majority don’t!

Skinny ties

I am not a fan of skinny ties. I always think there’s something missing whenever I see one. I hate that they’ve come back in style and I also hate that a lot of cool looking patterns are on them. I tried to buy a purple tie a couple weeks ago and the only ones that looked cool were skinny and I hate skinny ties! These should have made the list,but didn’t. It’s all about the wide ties for me.

Wendy’s Frosty flavors not named chocolate

My first job was at Wendy’s and when I worked there from 2000-01 they had three flavors of Frosty treats: Chocolate,Chocolate,and Chocolate. That was it, that was the list. You didn’t need any other flavors. After Dave Thomas died it went downhill from there,now they have like 28 different Frosty flavors. I am sure Dave Thomas is rolling in his grave about this.

Let’s go back to basics, Wendy’s!

Local news coverage about rain and snow

Why is there always news coverage about the rain and snow when it happens? We know it’s happening, it’s not something that’s out of the ordinary, especially here in Sacramento where in the winter there’s a potential of rain in the forecast 50 days in a row. How about a report about the sun shining? Just for a change!

Six year old with cell phones

Why on earth does a six year old need a cell phone? I don’t understand this at all. The cutoff age in my mind for a young one to have their own cell phone is 11 or 12. I didn’t need one when I was that age and neither do they.

That’s it,the list is done!

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