Kings got it right: Fredette is their man

The Sacramento Kings, in a three way trade involving draft rights and existing players, received the rights to Jimmer Fredette from the Milwaukee Bucks on Thursday. The 22-year-old star guard from Brigham Young was selected 10th overall in the 2011 NBA Draft. In his senior season, Fredette averaged 28.9 points per game and was named this year’s National Player of the Year.

I have to say with all honesty, this was the right move for the Kings. They got involved in an excellent trade that got Beno Udrih out of town and John Salmons back into town. Then they draft for the Bucks and vice versa and in doing so, a guy who is a big-time scorer comes in who I think will bring a big spark to this team. Fredette is a player the Kings have long needed that they haven’t seen the likes of since Jason Williams was drafted in 1998. Already the comparisons of Fredette to Williams have been pouring in.

In addition to being an exciting player, the Kings are also hoping Fredette can be a big draw to get fans to come to the games in what is a make or break year in terms of this team staying in town for the long run. In the last couple of years, the Kings have been at or near the bottom in attendance, though the reasons haven’t always been because the team is bad. Fredette, in my view, can do this with a team exciting talent of Evans, Thornton,and DeMarcus Cousins.

I know there are some critics out there who think this wasn’t a good move to get Fredette. They tell me he isn’t a real point guard or that he’s the next Adam Morrison or that he doesn’t play defense. I beg to differ,though. If his defensive skills are of concern, they shouldn’t be. The rest of the Kings don’t play much defense,either, so he should fit right in. Plus, he’s not on this team to play defense, he’s there to score, that’s what he does.  Adam Morrison lacked toughness and leadership, which is why his NBA career was brief. I think Fredette showed a lot of leadership at Brigham Young and will bring that to a team that to me hasn’t shown me that they have any leadership the last couple years. 

Make no mistake about it,this was the right guy for the Kings, I think he is going to be a fine player for the Kings and in this league. It could be worse,they could’ve drafted another Spencer Hawes.

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