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Late Edition-What Coronavirus Was Like


Welcome to the first ever Late Edition, a column I will publish late in the day/early evening that is usually that’s something on my mind,something I want to share,or something that I think needs to be talked about. Tonight is all three.

Some people know this already,but some don’t and you will know now that I tested positive for coronavirus last week with symptoms dating back to January 29. I am going to give a first-person perspective about what I have went through, and what this was all like for me with questions I have received from so many during this time,and I hope that maybe people who are and have been skeptical about how bad this is or have dismissed the pandemic as being no big deal can keep an open mind and know that this is real and does have an effect on those who have had it. So let’s answer some of the questions I have had about it.

How did I get coronavirus?

This is a question I have often received and one I don’t have a true answer for. If I had a best guess, it’s definitely that I got it at work from a customer who was asymptomatic and perhaps didn’t or don’t themselves know they have/had it. The other places I could’ve gotten it were few as I don’t go anywhere else because there really aren’t many places to go during times like these. It could’ve been the grocery store or the gas station or maybe even the pharmacy. Other than work, I have few guesses on how this happened. I am pretty cautious these days. I wear a mask when I am out and I don’t get near a lot of people and even at that,I still got it.

What made you get tested?

After January 29 I was feeling like the symptoms I had were a really bad cold,but my doctor felt otherwise on February 1 and suggested I get tested. I had tested two and a half weeks prior on January 16 just to see if I was okay and my test had come back negative. This time around I did not get so lucky as late Tuesday, February 2 I had tested positive.

How bad were your symptoms? What were your symptoms?

My symptoms were mild for the most part, though they would flare up from time to time. The symptoms that were the worst for me were the body aches and I had other ones like nausea, the chills, being really hot (but no fever), and mild breathing problems when I tried to take a deep breath. 

Did you lose your sense of taste or smell?

Oddly enough, that never happened. I was able to retain both of those senses throughout this entire episode. There were times I lost my appetite from being nauseous, but never a loss of those senses.

How did I feel when I found out I had tested positive?

I was disappointed that the coronavirus bug had bit me, but at the same time I didn’t want anyone else I was close to to get it. I just wanted to do whatever I could do get better.

Did anyone in your family get it?

No. My mother and two sisters had tested later on in the week and all came back negative, which was a relief to me as my sisters had been to the house earlier in the week and my nephew was over with my mom the same day I took the test, but I was nowhere near him that day.

What was the hardest part of it all?

That’s easy, being trapped inside my house with nowhere to go and not much to do. Also, I had a couple of friends who I told that I had it and I have yet to hear from them at all. I’m not going to lie, I was really disappointed and hurt by their silence.

Were you worried that your condition might get worse?

Absolutely, but I am thankful that I got better and I had great medical people calling me and telling me what I needed to do to get better. Having said that, knowing that this could get worse and I could land in the hospital was something that was in the back of my mind.

What advice do you have for anyone who thinks they may have it? If they do have it, what do you say to people?

If you think there’s something wrong where you think you might have it, by all means, get tested. It’s only fair to you and everyone else to have some peace of mind just to see if you’re okay. If you do test positive, make sure you get plenty of rest, listen to what your doctors and other medical staff tells you to do, and get better as fast as you can.

Do you plan on getting vaccinated when your chance comes?

Yes,as this was my plan before I tested positive.

What do you have to say to those that doubt how bad this is?

That they’re wrong. This was an experience I don’t wish to repeat and I think we need to do whatever we can to make this all go away. I want my life back just as much, if not more than you do and you being dismissive about everything is only making things worse. Do the right thing, you know what that is!

How are you feeling now?

Good! I am feeling so much better and returned to work today after 11 days away. I am not exactly 100-percent,but am pretty darn close.

What are some of your worries now that you are recovering?

I think my biggest one is whether or not anyone is going to want to hang out with me or be around me following what I have been through. It was hard enough not really having anyone to hang out with before this happened and I worry that nobody will do so now that I once had this virus. I know it seems silly to think that,but you have to remember that this pandemic carries with it a mental health crisis that many,including myself,are dealing with and it’s largely ignored and the way I am feeling right now,I truly do worry that friends and family will want me around anytime soon.

That’s about all I have from questions I have received from folks and others I thought of. Have a great night!

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