Losing to the A’s? I’m hatin’ it!

Remember on Saturday when I said that the last time the A’s swept the Giants in that football stadium they play at that my weekend was crushed? It happened again and I’m none too happy. Not only did they sweep them,but they did so in some bad looking yellow jerseys, and by bad,I mean ugly.
I’ll be honest,I thought the Giants would wipe the floor with the A’s this weekend. The A’s were in the doldrums as of late coming off a 10 game losing streak and a managerial change. I thought that there was no way in hell the Giants would even lose one game out of this series. I should’ve known a little better. I do give the A’s credit for playing better baseball than the Giants did this weekend, but it doesn’t make me feel any better for my team losing to a hated regional rival.
Then I remembered something. The A’s are still in last place and five games out while the Giants still hold onto first place in their division. If this series did anything to change the fortunes of either team moving ahead, it didn’t. Both teams are still where they were when the series began on Friday. One thing that this series did tell me is that the Giants are in need of some MAJOR offensive help,and division lead or no, Brian Sabean has to make a move because if he doesn’t, his team will be in third place faster than the blink of an eye. Things especially need to change at the catcher position even if it is just until Buster Posey returns.
And by the way, I still do believe that part of why the Giants were unable to get a win in Oakland was because of the venue. No baseball stadium should be allowed to have that much foul territory and I said it before on my Facebook page, if the A’s want to continue being a professional baseball team, they need to get a new stadium, a real one that 27 out of 30 teams have at the moment. Playing in a mutlipurpose stadium is as outdated as one of Al Davis’ jumpsuits. Only two teams do so now and come next year only the A’s will be playing baseball on a football field.
I know some of you are likely to think I am overreacting to this,and maybe I am, but here’s the deal, if you’re the defending world champions and you can’t even sweep a last place team in the regular season, that’s not good, that’s bad. Scary bad. And what’s worse is that it’s a team your fans hate just as much, if not more, than some of your divisional rivals. This is an unacceptable loss and my hope is that it is a vital wake-up call to this team that they need to get better or it simply won’t get better.

2 thoughts on “Losing to the A’s? I’m hatin’ it!

  1. I actually like the A’s yellow jerseys. Just saying. I like bright colored teams like the Giants’ Orange Friday jerseys. I believe all teams should have a white jersey, black, and a bright colored jersey. Just my opinion.

    I do agree with how pitiful the Giants are playing. But I felt tremendously less bad once I knew the Giants didn’t change spots in being on top. But they gotta play better. Something has to change for the better or the second half of this season is going to be painfully torturous for us (as always with being a fan of the Giants).

    1. I think the A’s could’ve done a little better with the design of their yellow jerseys, they aren’t in-sync with the other jerseys they have. I did give them a thumbs down in my review of them in the offseason. I will say that it is better than them wearing a black jersey,which is not a team color.

      I do agree to an extent,though. Each team should have a white home jersey, a gray away jersey,and an alternate if they so wish.

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