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Odds & Ends-Volume Five

I must say, I think we’re overusing the term “walk-off” in baseball. It used to be that it was used for home runs because a walk-off home run is simply that, a home run you don’t really have to trot for because it won the game for you. Now the use of the term is going too far. Now it’s being used for game ending singles, doubles,ground-rule doubles, triples, the list goes on…

I think it’s time everyone limited the use of the term “walk-off” to home runs and grand slams only like it was originally intended. Not every hit that ends a game should be considered a walk-off hit. What’s next, walk-off steals?


I’ll admit it, one of the reasons I love the MLB All-Star Game is the cleats some of the players bust out with. Brian Wilson did it with his orange cleats in the 2010 game and later wore them in an actual game that warranted a $1,000 fine and they were colored in with a black Sharpie. Now two more Giants,Melky Cabrera and Pablo Sandoval, wore orange cleats of their own in this year’s game and Bryce Harper of the Nationals wore some pretty sweet gold cleats.

To me this is what makes baseball a fun sport and in an exhibition game like that it is something fans like myself enjoy seeing. I would love to see it a lot more and hope to in seasons to come. Also, mo matter what you’re doing or where you’re going, shoes do matter and say a lot about you,and that’s a cool thing!

Speaking of the All-Star break, I felt like it was just way too long this year,didn’t you?

Usually, Major League Baseball takes the day before and the day after the All-Star Game off and that’s fine,but the extra day? Why for?
I was watching Pardon the Interruption on Thursday and during the Report Card segment, Michael Wilbon (who by the way seems way too much like an NBA apologist these days) gave it an F and I agreed. When the All-Star break takes up most of the week, the whole sports world basically stops. I was searching for something,anything to watch while baseball took its extended vacation, but nothing much was on unless you like the UFC or the WNBA, both of which do not interest me one bit. Hell, a televised Amish rake fight would’ve  been fine by me.

Yeah they had exhibition USA basketball on Thursday, but big whoop, they were playing the Dominican Republic. If they were playing Spain or Argentina or even Italy, it maybe would’ve been worth it to watch,but the Dominicans got boatraced so I knew it would be boring.

Memo to Major League Baseball, next year let’s get back to action a little earlier so that your fans have something to watch. You guys are pretty much the only sport going this time of year and it’s a long season. A week long All-Star break is not acceptable.

Will the Orlando Magic just trade Dwight Howard already? I am so SICK and tired of hearing about possible trades and teams who are “in the mix” to get him. OK, so the Brooklyn Nets deal fell apart. Find another team who’s going to want him, there are 29 other teams in the NBA (only seven of which truly matter to the league’s success) I am sure one of them is interested in acquriing for him.

The constant updates from ESPN on where he might go “according to sources” is getting pretty old. I am done hearing about it. I am tired of Dwight Howard, I don’t understand why he wouldn’t want to stay in a place like Orlando, why not build a contender there instead of copping out and joining forces with seven other superstars to try and win there (a formula by the way I hope fails again). I hope they trade this unhappy prick to Houston so he has nobody to play with and I hope they do it soon so I don’t have to hear about it anymore.

The California State Fair and it’s one of the few things I love most about the summertime. Sure I miss this event being in late August and on Labor Day but I still enjoy going to Cal Expo and seeing what’s happening. I was all about the Gravitron when I was younger, I mean what’s cooler than a ride designed to make your head feel heavy and induce possible vomiting? Unfortunately I don’t do that one anymore since I am old and epileptic.

Nowadays I like seeing all the exhibits they have like the Toytopia exhibit,which was awesome when they first had it in 2007. I also like seeing the animals,too, especially the llamas. Don’t ask me why but just seeing the llamas makes the fair awesome to me. I think what does it for most people my age is the weird food creations that the fair offers. What clear thinking human being isn’t down for a slice of deep fried red velvet cake? Who isn’t game to try a peanut butter and jelly sundae? You mean to tell me you wouldn’t spend your hard earned dough on some white chocolate bacon. This is a fat guy’s dream menu!

It is such a fun event and I can’t wait to blow money on this event this Friday. It should be a blast!

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  1. I agree with the Dwight Howard bonanza. I am beyond done and was hoping for the same. Houston is the only feasible place for Dwight to get paid so it is either go there or stay home and shut up (which he still won’t). This is worse than the Drew Brees and other football players and them getting paid.

    • It really is. I’m beginning to watch less and less ESPN because of it,and I really liked Dwight Howard a lot until this last season when this drama began and could’ve/should’ve ended a long time ago when he had the option to get out of the final year of his deal and BE a free agent, he didn’t and we are stuck with the so-called Dwightmare.

  2. Good point on the “Walk-off” term and lack thereof. I’m old school as well and still don’t know how or when it changed to walk-off ‘everything’!!
    nice article!

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