The best TEAM won in the end!

It’s been proven time and time again, the best team in the playoffs wins in the end.
Let me repeat that, the best TEAM wins in the end. 
The Dallas Mavericks proved it again on Sunday night,winning their first title by beating the overhyped, underperforming Miami Heat 105-95 in Game 6,and they absolutely deserved to win.
The Mavericks were, in my mind, the best team this postseason. They played a great series against the Trail Blazers, they annihilated the Lakers, and they had a great battle against the Thunder even though Russell Westbrook’s temper got in the way of the Thunder having any chance.
Then came the Miami Heat, who were hyped as “The Greatest Team EVER” without even playing a game yet. A team who basically held a championship victory parade last summer with only three players present: Dwyane Wade, LeBron James,and Chris Bosh. Bosh and James were newly signed while Wade came back. All season I kept hearing about how the Heat would win more than 70 games and would be winning multiple titles in a row. 

I’ve done my fair share of hating on LeBron, mainly due to the fact that he pretty much punched his hometown in the face on national television. It wasn’t The Decision he made that I disagree with, I hate HOW he made his decision.  I wouldn’t hate on LeBron and the Heat so much if that team played with some heart and was more determined to play like a team, kind of like what the Dallas Mavericks did.
Those guys played together, played together and even got their guys pumped up when they needed to and had to. I also like that old-timers like Jason Kidd and Peja Stojakovic have won a title. Dirk Nowitzki even proved to me that he isn’t a soft player. Many thought he was, but he isn’t. Any player that plays through a terrible fever and an injury to his left middle finger falls short of being soft. Nowitzki proved his toughness in this series and he really deserved to be MVP of this series. Jason Terry also was terrific and he can keep his championship trophy tattoo.
As for the Heat, they need to become more of a complete team instead of three main players and bunch of spare parts. They can get back if they do become that complete team and I hate to say it,but if Pat Riley came back to coach. Not that Erik Spoelstra is a bad coach at all,it’s just that Riley is a better one that in the past has gotten his players to play. I think Riley was the reason they won in 2006 because those guys did what the Mavericks did, they came together, played together, and won.
When the Heat stop playing as individuals and start playing as a team, then they will win the titles they promised to their fans last summer. As for now, the Mavericks are the champions and are the best TEAM in the NBA.

One thought on “The best TEAM won in the end!

  1. Correct. I don’t hate LeBron as a player. I hate the one-hour TV special for choosing where he was going to go. Do players switch between teams? Yes. Do they do it in hopes of getting a ring? Sometimes yes. Do I have a problem with that? No. Do players spend an hour or more on TV talking about it? Only one. No player (or none that I know of) has made such a spectacle of switching teams. Even Anthony Carmelo was quiet. He didn’t spend an hour on TV talking if he would stay with Denver or leave. It was shameful.

    And then you even mentioned my other beef which was the celebration of the Miami 3. Another shameful act I have never seen.

    All of that made me dislike them from the business/professional perspective of things. However, I will always know they play better then me.

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