Here’s Tonight’s Top 8 List

March Twenty First Twenty Ten

From Orangevale,CA

It’s Tonight’s Top Eight List

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Top 8 Things Overheard at Devo Day at Marine World

8.  “Look over there, it’s the Foghorn Leghorn Massage Station!”

7. “What’s in the taaaaaaaaaaaaank?

6. “I’m sorry, Mr. Longacre, but your CVS ExtraCare card will not work as cash here!”

5. “It’s cool how Fred Vasquez can sing with a mouthful of nachos!”

4. “These rides are fantastic, but not as fantastic as the upcoming movie Hot Tub Time Machine starring John Cusack, in theaters Friday, Mar. 26!”

3. “Yes, I know the economy is bad, Mr. Longacre, but a CVS ExtraCare card is not money, there fore it cannot be used as such!”

2. No Number 2, it was defeated by St. Mary’s in the second round of the NCAA Tournament

1. “ Hey, remind me later to get in on that 2009 season pass!”

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