Ask T.J. Anything-Friday, Mar. 26

OK,every Friday night we will have questions from the audience on here and from Formspring

Why do we pretend to be something we’re not when

around specific crowds of people?

I think it’s because sometimes we put up a facade around ourselves so people don’t think anything is wrong. When people do that, they’re either jealous of someone who has something they want or they’re sad they they’re not in the same position as that person.

What was your favorite year?

That’s easy. 2007 was my favorite year! Everything that could go right did so. I got my first car,I got a promotion at work that year, and I was invested with a Chevalier! How can you get any better than that?

(What’s  the )strangest combo of items purchased

while you were checking people out at store?

Wow,that’s too hard because it’s all a blur really. I wish I could answer this legitimately.

If you could be on one TV show which one would it


I’d have my own late night talk show so long as Jay Leno doesn’t want my job as well!

In your opinion, why do girls always ignore the guys

who truly care about them, and always goes with the


Wow,great question! I think often times it’s the intrigue. They want to see why the guy is a prick and maybe hope to change him into a gentleman. It often times doesn’t work that way and she ends up in heartbreak and regret.
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