Some Folks are Unbelievable!,0,1367286.story

It’s bad enough some people do things behind the wheel of a car that they shouldn’t and they know they shouldn’t.  Anything from talking on their phone and holding up traffic to driving with small animals on their laps,but the story above takes the cake. A woman in Florida was shaving her private parts while driving and crashed into another car. And while the story is laughable on the outside,and even I chuckled when I saw the title of the story on KTLA’s website, clearly this is a situation that is not funny and should NEVER happen. Why would ANYONE do this?

I don’t mind that this woman would shave…down there,that’s her business,but while driving a car? Incredible! And to top it all off,she was charged with a DUI THE DAY BEFORE!!! She should not even be behind the wheel period. I am glad they took her license away,she is a danger to others on the road and who knows how the other person or persons in the other car are doing, KTLA didn’t specify. Either way, NOBODY should be doing anything behind the wheel but drive the god damn car. No talking on the cell phones, no watching TV, no chihuahuas on the lap licking your face, or for christ’s sake,shaving…down there,NOTHING! Even I don’t do so much as listen to the radio when I am in the car. I can’t talk on the phone and drive,I have to pull over just because I am a poor multitasker.

I could’ve made fun of this situation all I wanted to,and probably would have if no other cars or people were involved,because let’s face it, it’s only funny if nobody gets hurt,but someone probably did get hurt,I don’t know. Either way, I think it’s a real outrage for ANYONE to do such a thing.

So,kids,keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel. End of story!

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