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The Best Things About 2019

We always save the best for last, this is the list of the Best Things About 2019. Sure,the year wasn’t the best, but there were some positives. This is the list featuring them.

Let’s of course mention that this list is to be taken semi-seriously and is intended for entertainment purposes.

FireWings.png10. Fire Wings opening up a location near my work and me correctly predicting it would happen

I had no prior knowledge of this happening, but I did predict that a Fire Wings location would open up where I work in Rocklin. It was no doubt a King of Wishful Thinking prediction,but it was one of my best ones.

The location opened a couple of months ago and I have been a few times and it’s been a delightful experience each time. If you haven’t been to a Fire Wings, you’re missing out. They have some delicious wings and great sides as well like garlic noodles and macaroni and cheese,among others.

This was a pipe dream I had come true by a stroke of luck and I am glad it did.

BidenCornPop9. Joe Biden’s Corn Pop story

There are many people who I don’t think should ever be President and Joe Biden is one of them. He’s creepy, he’s part of the status quo establishment that won’t change anything, and his brain is mush at his age. He did,however, provide us with a story about a bad dude named Corn Pop he had a run in with as a teenager that was funny as hell.

Not only was that story awkward and confusing, it was hilarious because it was a story about the old timey days and that the dude was named Corn Pop. It was such a bad story that it was one of the few good things about his campaign that I’ve even cared about. His story later on about kids rubbing his hairy blonde legs, however, is one I could’ve done without!

WineCavePete.jpg8. Pete Bootyjudge earning the nickname Wine Cave Pete

If it hasn’t been clear by now, I am not a fan of Pete Buttigieg/Bootyjudge and his campaign. He’s too far to the center and is too committed to the status quo in order to win and beat Donald Trump. If anything,he wants to be President just to be President and to cater to billionaires and the establishment.

Nothing proved that more when the photo of Bootyjudge partying with elites in a Napa Valley wine cave,earning him the nickname Wine Cave Pete with the nickname trending on Twitter. It was great because it showed how much he seems to be in tune with billionaires and getting donations from them in lieu of garnering support from regular people,especially black voters. There’s no coming back from this in my opinion and it may sink his campaign because of it.


7. Imma tell my kids Memes

There were a lot of memes that came out this year,but my favorites were the Imma Tell My Kids memes. 

So many of these were funny and the more that have come out,the funnier they’ve become. The meme was created as a joke about the lies we will tell our kids about who famous celebrities and historical figures are,but it’s grown to be something even more and a big joy in my life.

Here’s a few more:




DylanAaron6. Dylan and Aaron’s wedding

I was only invited to one wedding this year,and I am glad it was this one. It’s always great to see two of your best friends get married, it’s much better when they marry one another. Dylan and Aaron were married earlier this month and I am glad I was able to make the 8 minute drive to witness it. So many of our friends were there and some I hadn’t seen in years,so it was great to see and talk with them. The ceremony was great and the reception was fun as well.

Even though it was rainy outside and I had an extremely bad headache, I had a wonderful time and wouldn’t have missed this for the world. I love those two and wish them the best in their marriage going forward.

espnfantasy5. Winning a fantasy football championship in my own league for the first time

While I have won two fantasy football championships in another league,this was the first time I won one in my own league.Yes,I had a 7-6 record during the regular season,but was a playoff team and after beating my first two opponents, it was title time. I got off to an early lead and it looked like I was going to win,but it was close as Aaron Jones would help pull my opponent within 10. I thought he was going to win and if he did,I would’ve been okay with it. Seeing my friends succeed makes me happy.

So I now have a trophy of my own (that I paid for) which I will get to keep for all time. I can’t wait until next season!

CookieWaze.jpeg4. CATCH-ALL: Cookie Monster singing Take Me Out to the Ball Game and on Waze

Cookie Monster had a pretty good 2019 if I may say so. First he appeared as a celebrity navigation voice on the traffic app Waze,which led me to get the app to begin with. It is a joy to hear him help me navigate to wherever I need to go that I am not familiar with. If you haven’t set your Waze to Cookie Monster, you should!

After that, Cookie got the great honor to sing Take Me Out to the Ball Game at Wrigley Field in June and he nailed it! I even loved him shouting “Let’s get some cookies!” at the end. 

Gotta love Cookie Monster and gotta love the year he had!

OKBoomer3. The phrase “OK Boomer”

Nothing tells off an old person who’s out of touch more than this phrase and I am glad it made its debut,though it’s origin dates back a few years, it came to prominence in 2019.

Anytime someone just doesn’t understand or fails to acknowledge your viewpoint you can just chuck this dismissive phrase out at them and it puts them in their place. And no,the phrase does not promote ageism and it isn’t the same as the N-word. We’re not saying one of those words,that’s how you know it isn’t a bad word. 

All the same, it’s by far the phrase of the year and it’s not even close.

2. Eddie Murphy hosting SNL

For the first time since 1984, Eddie Murphy came back to host Saturday Night Live and it was beyond entertaining. 

His monologue was funny and then he went on to bring back several of his well-known characters. First up was Mister Robinson’s Neighborhood (video above), followed by Buckwheat in a sketch where he’s The Masked Singer, then came Gumby guesting on Weekend Update and then Velvet Jones as a contestant on Black Jeopardy! All of these characters were as funny as we all remember and it was great to have Murphy back on Saturday Night Live where his career took off. He proved at age 58 that he’s still got it and he knows how to make us laugh.

CoopCoop2.jpg1.My nephew Cooper was born

I think the best thing about this year was my baby sister having her first child on Jun. 16,a boy named Cooper.

Cooper lives with us and he is a joy to have around. I love his happy little smile, his laugh, how easily amused he is. I always look forward to seeing him when I come home from work and he’s at the age now where he’s becoming more fun to be around.

He is definitely loved by his family and spoiled rotten and we don’t want it any other way. Uncle Teej loves you,Coop Coop!


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