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The Worst Things About 2019

Our end of the year lists continue and we now move to the worst things about 2019. There were a lot of things that weren’t so great about this year and this list has 10 of them. As usual, this list is meant to be taken semi-seriously and is for entertainment purposes. On with our list!


ConnorJoe.jpg10. Connor Joe and Michael Reed starting on Opening Day


This starts off the list because this was a decision that caught many Giants fans off guard. Nobody who follows this team on a close basis knew who these guys were and had to Google them. When you’re having to research two of your three starting outfielders on the first game of the season, you know the year might not start out great, even though the season wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.MichaelReed.jpeg

These two players didn’t spend much time in San Francisco and were designated for assignment (two of many players to get that honor). It was a bad move by Farhan Zaidi to bring these guys in, not just to be on the roster, but to get the start on opening day. I have no clue if they even played in any Cactus League games (mainly because spring training is no fun to watch) to warrant that decision.

I would’ve understood a stint in Sacramento for these two at the least and at the most two spots on the bench, but not starting in the outfield on day one. Make no mistake about it, that lineup card was partially made by Zaidi, not Bruce Bochy. No way in hell Boch was making that move himself. That lineup card had upper management written all over it!

We’ll have more about the Giants later in this countdown.

9. Pete Bootyjudge’s High Hopes Dance

If there’s anything that almost as bad as the centrist candidates running for President, it’s the terrible dances that accompany them. Well,namely one.

The following contains awful choreographed dance moves and extreme whiteness. Viewer discretion is advised!

Pete Bootyjudge’s mostly white supporters came up with the “High Hopes” dance, where there’s awkward hand clapping and arm gyrations set to Panic! At the Disco’s #1 hit song, “High Hopes”. The videos and the dance are both cringeworthy and this is the kind of thing that is going to set white people back another 50 years. Not to mention the support he has among black voters is going to dip into negative percentages.

I can’t stand this dance or the song, so much so that if the song comes on the radio at work, I turn it down because I can’t take it or his god awful centrism anymore.

On behalf of all white people, I apologize for this silliness. I promise you we’re not all like this and most of us know better. I hope you take that in consideration while you assess us properly.

birk-with-socks.jpg8.Socks with sandals

If there’s one trend I hated seeing coming to light,it’s the socks with sandals trend. Regardless of what season it is, people everywhere are wearing footwear meant to have your feet open in the air are unnecessarily wearing them with socks.

It’s bad enough that people can’t even match their socks anymore, now we have people wearing them with sandals. This used to be frowned upon not too long ago,even in an episode of Modern Family when Mitchell (Jesse Tyler Ferguson) scoffs at someone wearing socks and sandals who gives him and his partner Cam (Eric Stonestreet) dirty looks for placing their daughter on a leash.

Some things are meant to be a fashion faux pas and socks with sandals are one of them. Let’s keep it that way!

Mitch McConnell, John Cornyn7.Mitch McConnell

Has this man done anything in the Senate that matters other than nothing? I don’t think so.

Forget the fact that he looks like a turtle who wandered away from the beach in a suit,he’s a flat out obstructionist to the other side and is unwilling to compromise on things that matter. The only things he’s for are awful and have hurt our country and society.

For anyone who says the Democratic-led House of Representatives hasn’t done or passed anything, there are like 12,289 bills sitting on this prick’s desk that he won’t even pick up and read let alone introduce to the floor. As much as I dislike a lot of what the Democrats do, I hate this even more.

Kentucky, I hope you vote this douchebag out next year. You have the power, use it!

ElPaso.jpg6. Mass shootings continue to happen

This will probably always make the worst things list because nothing ever gets done about them.

From Gilroy to El Paso to Dayton to Virginia Beach, 2019 had a record of mass shootings in the U.S. and in any other country only one would be enough to do something about this before it happened again. And no, thoughts and prayers aren’t going to solve this or make it go away.

It’s clear that it’s going to take climbing over a mountain of red tape to get anything done about it,but I don’t care. I want something done about it,whatever it takes for people to stop unnecessarily dying at the hands of evil people with guns. My cousin was in Gilroy on the day of that shooting and if she hadn’t left a few minutes before, she may have been counted among the several that died that day. Don’t wait until someone you love perishes from a mass shooting, it’s time for us to act before the next one happens.

Unfortunately I don’t see this ending anytime soon because people love guns too much to want to do anything about it and thoughts and prayers are more than enough to solve the problem. These shootings will happen again.

SpaceForce5. Donald Trump getting his Space Force post-impeachment

So much for resisting this guy and continuing to be spineless, Democrats.

Not only is your impeachment a questionable thing to some,if not most, but just after you decide to impeach him, you give him the funds for a space force we don’t need.

Never mind that this country doesn’t have affordable higher education or universal healthcare or good infrastructure or even paid time off by law, now we’re getting a stupid space force that is good for absolutely nothing. There is nothing we need less than this right now. If I was running this country right now, this would be very near the bottom of my priority list. Also, if the Democrats were really “resisting” this guy, they would say no to everything he wants like the other side did with Obama. Don’t give him more money to continue going to war, don’t approve his cabinet or judicial nominations, and also don’t give him money to be Buzz Lightyear after you impeach him. I am SO glad I left this sorry, no-account party. They never learn their lessons and they never change. If I was elected President, on day one I would withhold funding for the space force until universal healthcare was passed and we did free college and ended the wars. Then you can have your precious space force. It’s called getting stuff done!


4. Adam Rank’s 3-13 prediction for the San Francisco 49ers

Adam Rank is a fantasy football analyst for the NFL Network and before the 2019 season began, he predicted that the San Francisco 49ers, who with a win tonight could have home field advantage in the NFC Playoffs, would finish 3-13. 

That’s right, the team with Jimmy Garoppolo at quarterback, a strong running game,and arguably the league’s best tight end in George Kittle, plus a crushing defense,was picked to go 3-13.

“Yeah, you know what — let’s just be perfectly truthful.” Rank said in the YouTube video. “I got this prediction wrong.”

I get that we get predictions wrong from time to time,but this was way wrong. Even I would not have made this prediction. Did I think the 49ers were this good? No. Did I think they were a 3-13 team? No. I thought they’d maybe be 8-8,but a strong 8-8.

If there’s anyone I know who was close to getting it right,it is my friend Brian who I work with who,before the season,said they would win the division. They could do that tonight. Maybe he should be a fantasy analyst instead of Rank.

I’m sure Rank is a nice guy and everything, but damn, he may never live this one down. 

HillaryWoo3. Hillary Goddamn Clinton still lurking around

If there’s anyone I don’t like in politics other than Donald Trump,it’s Hillary Clinton. 

Not only were she and Trump awful candidates,but I couldn’t bring myself to vote for either one of them in 2016. Both didn’t deserve to be president and no positive changes would’ve been made for the working class and the status quo would’ve been kept in place.

Beyond that, the thing I like least about her is her unwillingness to accept blame for why she lost the 2016 election. She blames everyone else from Russia to Bernie Sanders as to why she was unable to win the electoral college,but not her mistake of taking Rust Belt states for granted and not stepping foot in them to campaign, among the many reasons why she lost.

Not only that,but she was getting the itch to run again and part of me wishes she would’ve just so she could lose again and blame it on someone like Pete Bootyjudge or Officer Kamala Harris or even Amy Klobuchar. I wish she would disappear for a long time, a lot of others have done it and their approval ratings have surged. She has a worse one than Trump at times. That shows you how much she is not liked and how much none of us want her to be President.

kapler.jpg2. The Giants hiring Gabe Kapler as manager

If there was one person I didn’t want succeeding Bruce Bochy as manager,it was Gabe Kapler. He was not good in Philadelphia and couldn’t get roster headed by Bryce Harper to the postseason and also,a guy who was accused of sexual harassment in the past is probably not a guy you want managing after a legend,especially when there other candidates out there who were more deserving like Joe Espada of the Astros and Matt Quatraro of the Rays,among others.

What made me mad the most about it was that they took five weeks to make a decision that they were likely to make all along. It is and has been an unpopular hire for Giants fans who are witnessing drastic and heartbreaking changes before their eyes as it is. I get that it is a rebuild for them right now,but I think a different manager could’ve been a better choice instead of a retread who brings a lot of baggage to a team whose front office has a lot of that themselves. It’s going to be a long rebuild.

MichelleBush.jpg1. The rehabilitation of awful Republicans like George W. Bush and Sean Spicer

This was the first item on the brief brainstorm list and I couldn’t think of anything I disliked seeing more than society giving awful people like George W. Bush and Sean Spicer a pass because they weren’t “that bad”.

Really? Because Bush sent our country to wars we’re still in and will always be in because peace isn’t profitable where thousands of young men and women have needlessly died. I am so sick of people like Michelle Obama and Ellen DeGeneres telling us he’s such a good guy when he’s a war criminal who should be in jail for what he did to this country. Stop forgetting how bad this guy was and remember that he’s the guy that Iraqi journalists threw shoes at. 

Sean Spicer lied to us on a daily basis when he was Trump’s first press secretary and did SeanSpicerDWTSso out of the gate when he lied about the crowd size at the inauguration being the biggest ever and the lies went on from there. After his time in that role ended, not a single cable news outlet wanted to hire him and he couldn’t get a job doing anything else. That is until Dancing with the Stars came calling asking him to be on this past season. Fans of the show were upset,and even the host of the show wasn’t keen on the idea of having political figures on the show yet again. Not only that,but he lasted nine weeks. NINE WEEKS.

I absolutely can’t stand it when bad people get chances they don’t deserve. Bush and Spicer are proof of that. Stop rehabbing them!

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