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T.J. the Sports Geek’s 2020 Predictions

Hello everyone,and Happy New Year!

Colorful 2020 - 3D rendering

This is the list of my predictions for the coming year. Usually I do this on Dec. 30 before the new year,but have been busy lately so here we are today. This is the list of the things I think will happen in the new year. Last year I got a few right with 4. A Fire Wings did open near where I worked, ugly glasses from the 1990s have made a semi-comeback, girls under the age of 20 still can’t match their socks,and Bryce Harper’s Phillies did not win a World Series. Let’s see what I can get right for 2020!

Giants10. The San Francisco Giants will lose 100 games and finish outside the top 20 in attendance

Giants fans,let’s face it, this team is going to suck really bad next year. So much so that a lot of the favorites you have been seeing exiting so far will continue to do so. Get ready to see guys like Brandon Belt, Brandon Crawford,and Pablo Sandoval head to better teams while the new guys start to come up and try and prove themselves at the big league level. I definitely see a 100 loss season on the horizon this year. Not only that, but I do see the team finishing outside the top 20 in attendance this year. Not a lot of fans are going to want to spend all this money to go watch a last place team play. Sure,the tickets will be cheap,but the parking,the concessions and the like aren’t going to come down much,if at all,so if it was me, I will pass on taking the two hour drive to go watch my favorite team lose 9-3 to the Braves. 

ModernFamily9. A major character will die or a divorce will happen in the series finale of Modern Family

After 11 seasons our favorite Modern Family will say their goodbyes in May. No major character has died in the show or even gotten a divorce. I think that changes at the end. Now, keep in mind that this is something I don’t hope happens,but if it does, you know who will have called it. The signs are kind of there with the divorce with Cam being up for a college coaching job and Mitch maybe not being totally on board with it (despite saying otherwise in the Christmas episode) and you never know with the other three married couples on the show (Jay & Gloria,Phil & Claire, and Haley & Dylan), so anything’s possible. As far as killing off a character, it could be Jay who is in his early 70s or even a minor character of the majors like Alex,Luke,and Manny. Things like this are never out of the realm of possibility when a show comes to a close and a part of me has a feeling it will happen here.

economic_collapse.jpg8. Another economic crash will make its way forward

Our economy is a house of cards,folks,and it seems to tank whenever Republicans are in charge and enact trickle-down economics,which never work.

Wages have been stagnant since the 1980s, a majority of workers live paycheck-to-paycheck, half of all workers make less than $30,000 a year and many can’t afford a major medical emergency. All of this and much more will make for a bad economy and even many experts will tell you that one is coming in the near future and I think it happens very soon.

Keep in mind, I’m not wishing for one nor would I be content with it happening,it’s just how economies go. They go up,they go down,and at some point this one is going to go down. Who Trump blames for it is up for anyone’s guess.

PopeyesSandwich7. A Popeyes will open near my house

Yes,I’m recycling one from 2013, but I don’t care, I think my area (or whatever area I am living in by the time the year ends) will get a Popeyes. Also, I have gotten two predictions in a row about this correct,so let’s do a heat check!

I enjoy a good Popeyes meal here and there and love that chicken sandwich they came out with and would love to enjoy it closer to home,wherever that may be. Now this prediction cannot come true if I move to an area that already has one (unless a new one somehow opens),but if one does open where I live now (where there isn’t one),it counts.

Case in point, I think where I live now should have one, I hope they open one somewhere (Greenback and Main?) and it would be welcome where I am now.

SpaghettiSandwich6. Spaghetti sandwiches will be the new food craze in America

This is probably not going to happen,but if it does,you heard it here first.

Spaghetti sandwiches are apparently a thing in other countries,namely Australia and Japan and quite popular. Somehow I can see this being a thing in the United States after, first polling a few friends who said they were on board, and also,this society’s ability to combine food items and make them a thing. If there’s a society that would embrace something like a spaghetti sandwich,it’s this one and if a craze took off,it wouldn’t surprise me.

Scale.jpg5. I will lose 25 pounds by the end of the year

At press time,I weight 246 pounds. Not my heaviest,but pretty near it. When I started my current job in 2012 I weighed 187 pounds. I would love to get back to that at some point. However,I would like to take some baby steps in that direction.

I don’t want to predict a major loss like 40 pounds or 60 pounds because I don’t know if that’s realistic. I do think 25 pounds right now is. If I can at least do that and get down to the mid-220s (or even less), I would be a happy man. It’ll take some work,but I know I can get there. 

MelaniaDonald.png4. Melania Trump will divorce Donald

If there’s a couple I have seen together that do not like each other and it’s shown in the public eye,it’s these two.

Remember Inauguration Day when Donald is looking at her they smile back at one another and then when he turns his head,she is seem frowning? Or how about the numerous times she’s smacked his hand away from hers? Or the time where he wouldn’t put her under an umbrella with her? Or the time he cheated on her with a porn star while she was pregnant? Or the time he referred to their son as “Melania’s son”?

All of this and more are reasons why I think she will finally get the nerve to divorce him and if he happens to lose the “presidency” like most of us hope he will, that would definitely happen. I think the main reason she is with him now is because he is “president” and because someone needs to be there to decorate the White House,do rallies for him,and the list goes on. The moment he’s gone from office, I think she goes. I hope that comes true on Nov. 3, if not sooner.


cablenews.jpg3. Mainstream media will continue to lose younger viewers to YouTube

If there’s something I don’t watch,it’s cable news. I can honestly say that outside of watching debates, I haven’t indulged in much cable news watching. In fact,I don’t even know what channel most of them are on. Why is that? Because these channels have an agenda and lie about being neutral the whole time and they have, more or less, created the hell we’re in today. The only major age demographic that watches and trusts cable news are people aged 65 and up. The rest of us go elsewhere to get information that they can trust.

Yes, some of the places I go have a clear bias,but at least they’re upfront with it and most of those sources are pretty trustworthy. I’ll believe something Kyle Kulinski says before I trust someone like Rachel Maddow or Joy Reid or anyone on MSDNC says. 

Maybe if the mainstream folks didn’t have their own agendas and their commentators went back to journalism school to learn how to report facts and not their opinions they would be trusted more than the folks who have their own YouTube shows are. 

QB.jpg2. The following quarterbacks will be starting for different teams: Derek Carr, Jameis Winston, Teddy Bridgewater

As a new NFL season comes to us after the Super Bowl next month, the carousel of starting quarterbacks will operate once again and three in particular will be going elsewhere in my opinion. I think Derek Carr will not follow the Raiders in their move to Las Vegas. Instead I think he will go somewhere like the L.A. Chargers, New England,or even Carolina. I think Jameis Winston will find a place like Las Vegas to be the place where he throws 30 interceptions a season and I think Teddy Bridgewater is a guy some teams will trade the Saints a draft pick for in order for him to start for their team. 

Election2020.jpg1. The 2020 Presidential election will suck

I absolutely hated everything about the 2016 election, from the nominees to the awful campaign ads to the debates where no issues got discussed to the end result. Nothing leads me to believe our next election will be much different.

I have a feeling I’m going to hate who gets nominated, going to hate what’s offered as a solution to our problems, going to hate the campaign ads that will come out and the debates that are to follow. It’s a stressful and less than joyous thing to have to do every four years,especially when the nominees are less than ideal and it’s honestly going to suck. Now,if the person I most want to be President is the nominee, I will gladly vote for that person with a smile on my face. I do have a candidate that I will plug my nose and for,but will not disclose who that is. If it’s neither of those two going up against Trump,I will write-in somebody just like I did in 2016. I live in California which will vote for whoever the Democratic nominee is,therefore, it doesn’t matter who I vote for. Also, you’re not my father.

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