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The Things That Need to Go in 2019-Part Two


Welcome back to our first end of the year list. In Part One we took on the likes of fanny packs,mismatching socks,and white supremacists who have an obsession with milk. Today we tackle the second part of our list where we reveal numbers 80-61. 

Before we begin Part Two, there this disclaimer: This list is is intended for entertainment purposes and should be taken semi-seriously,but more seriously than past years.

Here’s Number 80…

POliceTank80. Militarizing the police

Second year selection

We begin Part Two with an item that kicked off another part last year and honestly, I have never been a fan of when the military has surplus donated to various police agencies such as tanks and other weapons of the like and basically turns them into military soldiers. As a result,this appears on the list for the second straight year.

To me, this happens it creates problems and trust issues with law enforcement when in fact we should be able to trust them when we need them in a time of need to protect and serve us. Nobody should have to fear them when they drive a tank around during tense times. It’s a crime scene,not a war zone!

The police and the military should be two different entities,not one in the same. Differentiating the two is essential,in my view,if we’re to believe that relations between law enforcement and the public will ever improve in a society as bad as ours is.

MicrowaveFishBurntPopcorn.png79. CATCH-ALL: The co-worker who microwaves fish in the breakroom and burns popcorn in the microwave as well

Second year and first year selections

Last year the person who microwaves fish in the breakroom made the list and it’s back again. Why? Because it keeps happening and it’s downright gross. Again,I have yet to have this happen to me in the workplace and despite my aversion to seafood,I don’t think it’s respectful for the rest of your co-workers to have to smell leftover seafood being nuked in a radioactive heat box.

Let’s not stop there,though,how about the folks who put popcorn in the microwave and make sure it’s burnt and makes the whole office smell like a popcorn wildfire? It’s not okay and that kind of smell lingers for hours,much like the fish.

It’s time we made it okay for co-workers to enjoy their lunch in the breakroom as much as you do.

candycorn78. Candy corn

Second year selection

This is on our list after a three year absence and there’s a reason why: I absolutely hate candy corn!

Growing up as a kid it was one of my least favorite Halloween candies and anytime I got it while trick-or-treating I never ate it.

All it is is basically colored waxy sugar that gets stale quickly if you don’t gobble it up in a hurry,also too many candies like M&Ms are doing nobody any good with placing it in a candy bar. If there’s a way for me not buy your product,put candy corn in it and I’ll stay away. It’s just the worst and I know that when I have kids and partake in their candy,the candy corn is staying in there. I want no part of it!

BeachBallsStands77. Fans playing with beach balls in the stands at sporting events

Third year selection

This made the list last year and it had to make the list again,partly because of the majority of fans that do this happen to be in Los Angeles and they happen to be at Dodger Stadium.

There are many annoying things that sports fans in Southern California do at a game and this is one of them. You paid a lot of money to go to a sporting event and all you can do is play with a beach ball? What the hell’s wrong with you?

Beach balls belong at the beach,not in the stands along the third base side. Leave them there!

NBA_Players_Only_on_TNT.png76. TNT’s Players Only broadcasts

First year selection

Earlier this year TNT decided to have former players do play-by-play and color instead of seasoned,professional broadcasters. Some people liked it,others not so much,count me in the latter on that one.

These guys honestly have no flow, talk about too much random stuff and they’re reactions are limited to “Wow” or “Nice!”, or sometimes not at all.

It makes you really appreciate the professional broadcasters and how they do their jobs and how well they do them. TNT’s Players Only is just Awkward City to me.

WeddingRingOff75. Happily married women who don’t wear their wedding rings

First year selection

This one is a Keepin’ it Real selection because I see this from time to time and even on television with a couple of news anchors I watch regularly. How come these ladies who are happily married with a great family and marriage not wearing their rings?

Maybe I’m playing the naive card or maybe I’m overreacting or maybe I just need to get a life,but it seems to me that a clear sign that there’s no trouble in paradise is if that ring is still there. If it isn’t,it’s concerning. I wonder if everything’s okay or if the couple is on the rocks or if she and her husband are separating or divorcing. In other words,I’m worried.
Don’t make me worry. Do me a favor,pop that ring back on if everything is truly okay.


First year selection

This poor-man’s version of Fox News is on our list. Why? Because it’s terrible and full of right wing commentators whose time in the sun has long past and who are trying to squeeze a few extra seconds out of their 15 minutes of fame that were over long ago.

I mean Mark Levin,Michelle Malkin,Steven Crowder,Eric Bolling and other people who you’ve never heard of and never will. Is this the best you can do? Also,why the hell is Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty in the line-up? Does he host some sort of Duck Politics show? If he doesn’t,he’s wasting his time because that would actually be an entertaining thing to watch.

All in all,there is a such thing as oversaturation of the market and CRTV is part of it.

ShoeFreeHouse73. Shoe-free households

First year selection

This one is one that I’m vehemently against because I’m not one who likes to remove their shoes at anyone’s home other than mine because I mainly feel like I’m not complete without them. Beyond that,it’s also oppressive and patronizing.

I get that folks want to keep their homes as clean as possible and that’s respectable and commendable,but honestly,my shoes aren’t going to track in that much dirt and if you have a doormat outside where I can wipe my feet,we’re covered. That way I can keep my shoes on and not feel so insecure.

SpaceForce72. Donald Trump’s idea for a Space Force

First year selection

Out of all of Donald Trump’s bad ideas,this is one of them.

There’s absolutely no need for a Space Force,at least not right now.
Why? Because we’ve got bigger problems right now like the fact that around 32,000-45,000 people dying every year because they don’t have access to basic healthcare. Or the fact that the number one cause of bankruptcies is medical debt. Or the fact that college gets more and more expensive. Let’s also not forget where we are with our infrastructure,which has a grade of D. How about the eight wars we’re in that we’re never going to get out of? We’re also a more racist country than we were 10 or 16 years ago.

We’ve got a lot bigger fish to fry before even thinking about starting a Space Force. This isn’t a movie,folks,it’s real life and it’s reality we need to face now more than ever in this lousy society we’re in.

VoterSHaming71. Democrats who vote shame people because they didn’t vote for “their” candidate or the lesser of two evils

First year selection

These are two reasons why I’m not a Democrat anymore and honestly,can you blame me?

After the 2016 election a lot of Democrats tried their hand at shaming people like me who had the audacity to vote for who we wanted instead of who they wanted. Why? Because we actually vote for people who are for something,not because they’re not the other candidate. In my view,voting for the lesser of two evils is a wasted vote because you’re not voting for your ideas because chances are the candidate you just voted for isn’t for anything you stand for.

I honestly can’t give my vote to someone who isn’t going to work for me. If they don’t share my values,why should they get my vote? Also,trying to shame someone into voting for who you want is only going to drive them away even further.

As I’ve stated before,I have no regrets over my vote two years ago,and yes,I would do it again and have no problem with doing it again. Vote for your values and people who share them,not someone who plays for your team and isn’t the enemy.

AssignedSeatingWeddings.jpg70. Assigned table seating at weddings

First year selection

It’s become a thing that’s finally bothered me enough to place on the lists as many of my friends are getting married now and as a result,I actually get invited to their weddings.

While the invitation is welcome and an honor to be there, I’m not necessarily fond of being assigned a seat with nobody I know.

Now,if I am assigned to a table where everyone I know is there,that’s great. But with my luck it’s almost always a table where I know almost nobody. With my anxiety,that’s a hard thing to deal with. If you’re going to assign me to a table,at least put me with people I know and love,not strangers who I’ll never see again. Otherwise,let me choose my spot!

DineshDSouza69. Dinesh D’Souza

First year selection

If Alex Jones has anything resembling stiff competition in the crazy business,this man is it.

D’Souza is a right wing hack who has many awful conspiracy theories,ranging from the “cultural left” being the responsible party for causing 9/11 to the mail bombs to prominent Democrats being fake and much,much more.

Beyond that,he’s a criminal who made illegal campaign contributions and then lied about it later,only to be pardoned by that sorry excuse he calls a President earlier this year. And no,he wasn’t a victim of “selective prosecution”, that dude knew what he did was wrong.

In any case,D’Souza is just another dude who isn’t all there in the head and should be getting it examined and fast.

shorelineconverse68. Shoreline Converse All Stars

Second year selection

I love Converse All-Stars. In my opinion,they’re the coolest shoes ever made and appeal to both men and women equally and both genders can rock them right and in style.

However, I don’t like these ones. Why? They’re basically Chucks for people who are so lazy they can’t be bothered to tie a pair of low tops for 20 seconds.

I don’t get why these continue to be so popular. Whenever I see them I get kind of disappointed because the regular low tops look so much better and are far more aesthetic than these shortcuts of shoes.

It’s the continued and confusing popularity of these combined with our lazy society that brought these back to our list this year.

GeorgeZimmerman67. George Zimmerman

Third year selection

Will this guy ever go away?

First of all,he killed Trayvon Martin and got away with it. Not only did he get away with it,he bragged about it (and rightfully got punched for it) and accused his parents of it being their fault that he wasn’t raised right,therefore he was forced to kill him.
Second of all,he’s a prick. He was kicked out of a bar in November 2017 for screaming racial slurs at the manager and he’s also been involved in road rage incidents,to the point where someone tried to shoot him. He was also accused of stalking a private investigator and threatened to feed that person to an alligator.

The more I hear about this douche,the more I feel like he should be in prison for what he did to Martin in the first place. He hasn’t done any good and he seems to find and cause trouble wherever he goes,and he doesn’t seem to want to clean up his image in anyway,shape,or form. I hate this man so much!

66. Telling disaster survivors to “have a good time”

First year selection

Yes,this is mainly a Donald Trump thing that he does for some stupid reason,but beyond that,why would anyone tell someone who has lost everything due to a flood or a hurricane or an earthquake or a wildfire to “have a good time”?

If there’s anything that I don’t want to hear from anyone let alone the “President” is to have good time. I just lost everything,you stupid prick.,and that’s what you have to say to me? If anything, I want to get the hell out of this evacuation center and on with my life.

Maybe one day we won’t have a “leader” who utters nonsense like this as words of comfort,but until it comes,I have a feeling we will even though we shouldn’t. Nobody is having a good time after losing everything.

JointFacebookAccount65. Joint Facebook accounts

First year selection

I don’t believe this has ever been on our list before,and if it has,that means I didn’t go back far enough to go see,but nonetheless,here we are.

Joint Facebook accounts are on the list at #65. The reason? It feels like the owner (s) of said Facebook account have trust issues,either with one another or a third party,or one of them cheated on the other and this is how they’re trying to curtail it from happening again/save their relationship. I’ve been in political arguments with people who have these joint accounts and for the life of me,I cannot take them seriously. If you can’t even handle having your own Facebook account,why do you think you can hang with me in a debate?

New rule: One person per Facebook account. The person who wants to share can get their own or don’t be on social media altogether. Boom,I solved it!

McClintock64. Congresspeople who don’t even live in their districts

First year selection

One thing that bothered me during the campaign season were the incumbents who were running for re-election that didn’t even live in their own districts that they serve. I think that if you’re going to address the needs of the people you’re serving in a particular region,you should at least live there part of the time. Two people in particular didn’t and each had different results.

Joe Crowley was a 10-term congressman representing the 14th district in New York,he was famously primaried by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and she won. I think that was,in part,of the fact that Crowley didn’t live in the district anymore and was primarily living in Virginia. How is someone from another state going to be focused on the needs of people in the Bronx? That was a deserved loss in my view based on that alone.

Tom McClintock,however,represents the 4th district in California and has never even resided there. He lives in the 7th district (my home district) and has been in Congress since 2009. He also moved up to Elk Grove from Southern California and while he has had votes I’ve agreed with,he shouldn’t be representing a district he doesn’t reside in.

It’s to me a part of why politicians are out of touch with regular people. If they were just neighbors with their constituents,for starters,I think we would have a better relationship with the people who represent us than we do now. Instead, they live as far away from us as possible and that’s not okay.

ThillYoPreThident.png63. People who exclaim “He’s still your President”

Second year selection

There are some things in life that we don’t like to be reminded of: Ex-girlfriends, embarrassing moments from our past,and that Achy Breaky Heart was a hit song.

One thing that we don’t want to be reminded of now is that Donald Trump is “President”.

I not only did I not waste my vote on him,I don’t like who he is as a person. Nobody should. He’s an asshole and also a Nazi when an asshole gets elected President,they don’t stop being an asshole. Kind of like when a girl has a boyfriend who’s got a less than favorable personality that she think she can change. He ain’t changing,dear!

Also,did we not learn from Indiana Jones that Nazis are bad? They always have been and always will be.

Exclaiming that “He’s still your President” doesn’t make anything better. In fact,it makes things worse and opens up a wound that is still trying to heal. It also makes you quite the asshole when you say it. Don’t be like the asshole you voted for,be best!

Halloween.jpg62. The idea of postponing Halloween to a more “convenient” time

First year selection

This is one I had to include on here because the idea of having Halloween on a day other than October 31 just feels wrong to me.

I get it,sometimes Halloween falls on a school night. But in the 1980s and 1990s when I was in school we had the holiday on those nights and we turned out just fine and none of our parents ever lobbied for it to be on the weekends. If anything,kids may be in more danger if it was moved to then and it would give license for older kids to stay out later and either come up missing or in police custody if they cause major mischief.

If we allow moving Halloween to a fluid day,that means other holidays wouldn’t be safe. Christmas would be on December 19th, Thanksgiving would be around Labor Day,and New Year’s Eve would be on December 30. Let’s leave certain holidays alone. Work around making them as good as you can.

JeaninePirro.jpg61. Jeanine Pirro

First year selection

This Fox News hack is someone I absolutely cannot stand. Besides her terrible voice and that sour look she always has on her face, she always defends Donald Trump no matter what he does and doesn’t,nor can’t admit,when she’s absolutely wrong.

She’s so far up Trump’s ass that I was shocked,just shocked,that she wasn’t nominated for the Supreme Court seat that eventually was gifted to Brett Kavanaugh. I have a strong feeling that if Donald Trump were to kill a puppy on live television,she would find every which way to defend and justify it. There are many people like her,but she’s one of the more visible ones.

She also seems to hate brown people a lot. Not a quality I would want in a judge of any courtroom let alone a Fox News judge.

We’ll have Part Three tomorrow!

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