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The break-up some Kings fans will never get over,but should anyway

Three days after the Sacramento Kings won the second pick in the NBA Draft, many fans are salivating at the prospect of trading the pick away to bring back former center DeMarcus Cousins or signing him in free agency. Cousins was traded away last season at the All-Star break for Buddy Hield and a first round pick in last year’s draft that ended up being Justin Jackson. To this day that move is still one that has left fans longing for his presence again in the Kings lineup.

There’s even account called Come Home Boogie that’s aimed at bringing Cousins back.

In my opinion, it’s been long time that fans let that idea go and to realize that he just might not be coming back,and honestly,it’s for the best.

First off,what was the most number of wins the Kings had in the seven seasons Cousins was on the team? The answer is 33. That’s it and that’s all. He was not able to lead them to the playoffs like he was drafted to do and on the court,he was a liability. Sure,he was and still is tremendous to the community of Sacramento,but his attitude needed a major adjustment in his time on the team and it never happened. In my opinion, there was nothing to suggest that he was going to be able to deliver a long-desired playoff berth to the team so long as he was on the roster.New Orleans Pelicans v Charlotte Hornets

If he was even considering coming back and the team was willing to welcome him, what makes anyone think things are going to be different this time around?

Also,think about this, how well did the Pelicans do in his absence due to injury? Sure,it was disappointing that he wasn’t able to be a part of their success,especially since they were able to get to the second round of the playoffs without him. But that’s the thing-they managed to get that far without him,especially when some thought the Pelicans were toast after he went down due to injury. Instead,they got as far as they possibly could. Literally.

Not only that,but I don’t think he would want to return to a team that isn’t playoff ready. It would make more sense to see him going somewhere like the Lakers. He’s been rumoured to be going there for years now and he may be a missing piece to a team that made a lot of big strides last season.

It’s time once and for all for fans to get over the Boogie break-up,to put down the ice cream,wipe away those purple tears,and be excited about nabbing the second overall pick in the draft and wonder who it might be: Ayton or Doncic? Yeah,do that!

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