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The Things That Need to Go in 2018, Part Six


Hello Everyone,

Sorry for the delay of our final part of the list. I have been very busy as of late and throughout the creation of the list,I wasn’t feeling very well. But alas,the wait is over! This is our sixth and final part of our list of the Things That Need to Go in 2018,which showcases numbers 20-1. 

Disclaimer: This list is intended for entertainment purposes and should be taken semi-seriously.

votingbooth20. The phrase “This election is too important to vote differently”

First year selection

This honestly should’ve made the list last year,but the reason it’s here now is because people are still fucking saying it and I honestly disagree with it.

It was said over and over during the last election and was basically people telling me that I needed to “fall in line” and waste my vote on someone who didn’t deserve or even earn my vote.

If the last election was too important to vote a different way,what election is? I have to ask because isn’t every election important?

Honestly it’s nobody else’s business who you or I vote for and for someone to intimidate you and tell you what to do and who to vote for is uncalled for. You don’t need to vote for the main two candidates, in my view,that’s what’s wrong with our country. More on that later in the final part of this list.

manbun19. Man buns (Both real and fake)

Third year selection

Okay guys, I tried getting you to stop wearing buns in your long-ass hair,but a lot of you still won’t listen,and now it’s getting worse.

Not only are guys still sporting man buns,but some are also sporting fake ones. Really? A fake one? Somehow that seems worse to me.

Under what circumstances would you need a fake man bun let alone a real one? Beyond that, it’s unappealing, it’s unattractive,and it’s grounds for your Man card to be revoked.

Don’t ever get revoked like that. Be a man,lose the bun!

Milo Yiannopoulos Attends Young British Heritage Society Launch Event In London18. Milo Yiannopoulos

First year selection

Here’s a guy who,for some reason,is a conservative and a champion for conservative causes despite the fact that he’s not even from this country and he’s gay. Gay people aren’t supposed to be Republicans. That’s voting against your own kind, that would be like a whale being supportive of the rights of whalers. It’s not practical.

Yiannopoulos has been quite the creep in the last year. From his controversial rantings on Breitbart when he was still there to his stance on kids getting raped by older men and his support of it because it “happened” to him to his just not going away,he’s quite the terrible character and one that nobody on the right should be calling their own.

I honestly don’t know why he’s so popular,but then again,if I was able to sell my soul and be a crazy conservative knucklehead who says stupid shit I would probably get rich,too.

EaglesSBTattoo.jpg17. Fans who get championship tattoos before their team wins the championship and/or doesn’t make it that far

Second year selection

This has made the list again and the reason being is because you shouldn’t be celebrating a touchdown when you’re on the 50-yard line. That’s what getting a tattoo before your team wins it all is.

The Falcons didn’t win the Super Bowl,the Dodgers didn’t win the World Series (thank God!) and the Cavs were not back-to-back champs. So why would you get a tattoo commemorating what never happened? And especially,why would you do it before it potentially happened?

Honestly unless you get lucky and your team actually does win it all or you have a time machine and can confirm that your team will win it,don’t get these tattoos. It’s too costly a mistake to make on your body!

CelticsGE.jpg16. Ads on NBA jerseys

First year selection

One of the worst ideas the NBA has come up with is putting ads on their jerseys.

I get that the league wants to channel in any revenue possible, I do,but is putting an advertisement on a player’s jersey the best way to do it? I think that there are better ways to go about getting advertising revenue for the team and some are already exercised (advertising on the courts, etc.), but the ads make the league look like a minor league in itself.

Uniforms in American professional sports shouldn’t be touched and I have a feeling that other leagues may do this,too. They shouldn’t!

fuckboys15. Fuckboys

Second year selection

I thought we were done with this,but nope,they’re still here and we have to call them out.

If you don’t know,these are dudes who usually wear jacked-up tube socks with either White Vans authentic shoes or Adidas slide sandals and lip-synch to songs on or Dubsmash and they’re the kinds of guys who have their friends over when mommy and daddy are out of town and they make lame videos to girls who are way out of their league. They also seem like the kind of guy who enters a girl’s life in order to mess things up and then texts her again out of the blue and says how much he misses her.

These guys need some guidance in their lives. Jesus is on line one,just sayin’…

fireworks14. People who set off fireworks on days that aren’t July 4

Second year selection

This is still a pet peeve of mine and it had to make the list and be in our final section of it.

Look,I’m fine with people setting off fireworks on the proper day,July 4,but before of after? Now you’re just asking for trouble.

It’s troubling when you’re trying to get rest for a day of work when some jackass who lives behind you decides that 11:30 at night on a day that isn’t Independence Day is a great time to set off a loud firecracker. And why is Dec. 1 that perfect time to do it?

I get about sick of it and it’s time this stopped. And as far as me moving because of it? Nah,fam,I was here first!

patrobertson13. Televangelists

First year selection

There are many things that have given religion a black eye,but there’s one thing in particular that has that needs to go-televangelists.

First of all,too many of them are just weasels who only do this for the money. I highly doubt that these guys even care about religion other than being able to profit off of it. Joel Osteen,Pat Robertson,Kenneth Copeland,they’re all bad with their television shows and their megachurches and they tell their followers how God told him that he needs to get his church members to get him a plane or he’ll die (This actually happened,kids! Google Oral Roberts!)

Robertson,who has to be around age 119 by now, continues to promote his hatred of the left and preaches how much we need Donald Trump and how great he is. Jim Bakker does the same shit,and he was a big time adulterer.

Why anyone in their right minds would want to line the pockets of these terrible men is beyond me. It goes to show you that anyone can be duped,whether it’s in the name of religion or otherwise.

twopartysystem12. The two-party political system

Second year selection

It was the top item on our list last year and it’s back.

As I wrote the year prior, I think the main problem with the country’s two-party political system is that people feel like they’re shackled to voting for the candidate their party has propped up (willingly or reluctantly) and because there’s a D or an R next to their name they have to vote for them.

I’m here to tell you folks that just because a politician has a letter next to their name doesn’t mean that they’re any good.

I ended my time as a Democrat after they lost to the worst candidate in American history and have absolutely no regrets doing so. I even voted for a third party candidate because I didn’t like the main two candidates who were offered by these corrupt parties and am willing to do it again. That party lost its way when they decided to swerve further to the right and avoid championing issues that matter most the populist base they used to have and have since abandoned.

I don’t mind there being political parties, I think there should be more of them,and by that I mean more parties that are prominent. I guarantee you that if there was a third party that was geared towards populist issues that it would be popular and that people would flee from the Democratic and Republican parties and join up.

As I said last year, I think when we stop identifying ourselves with a party and start identifying ourselves as citizens who care,we as Americans will be in a much better spot and we’ll begin to truly live up to the title of The United States of America.

SkipBayless11. Skip Bayless

First year selection

How does this man still have a fucking job?

First of all,he’s on FS1 which means his show is seen by like 19 people every morning. His opinions are so unpopular and a lot of them are dead wrong. He thinks LeBron James is terrible when in fact,he’s one of the best. He thought Johnny Manziel would be great, he thought Tim Tebow was going to be the next Brett Favre,and said Manti “Table for One” Te’ O was going to be the next Ray Lewis.

He also said that Derek Fisher would be a better head coach than Steve Kerr.

This must be why his show gets beaten in the ratings by cartoons on Nickelodeon and even reruns of M*A*S*H on WGN America. Bayless thinks he’s this “know-it-all” commentator whose opinion is never wrong,when in fact he’s been wrong a lot of the time.

If he’s the gold standard on sports commentators and them having shows,then I should have a show. I’m better than this guy!

AlexJones10. Alex Jones

Second year selection

He was low on the list last year,but since he’s a crazy motherfucker who has all these crazy conspiracy theories and was popular enough to be interviewed by Megyn Kelly to show how crazy he is, he’s back on the list and in our top 10.

Jones has had crazy theories such as the Sandy Hook shooting being a hoax and that the kids were all played by actors hired by the Obama administration to take everyone’s guns away, he also helped stir the rumour that Hillary Clinton was running a sex-trafficking ring out of a Washington DC pizza parlour and also thinks millions voted illegally in the last presidential election,and the best one is that the government creates homosexuality to the extent that chemicals in the water is turning frogs gay.

He also had his kids taken away from him in divorce proceedings and was known to forget things about his kids because he had eaten a bowl of chili that day.

He also promotes male vitality oils and shit and it turns out they have a high-level of lead. Yeesh!

Jones is a sick person,folks,and he needs to not be on the radio or television. Ever.

sneakerswithsuits9. Wearing sneakers with suits

Third year selection

This happens way too much,and the guys on NFL Network do it and the guys on ESPN do it,too.


Don’t these guys have millions of dollars that they’ve earned from their pro career? They can afford some really nice dress shoes. Time to head over to DSW or Jos. A. Bank to get a nice pair to wear on camera. After all,the ladies have to wear their best dress shoes, why can’t you?

It’s not just guys on TV,it’s guys everywhere who don’t bother to up their shoe games like we talked about earlier in the list. Leave your sneakers at home when you’re wearing a suit.

yeezy8. Yeezy shoes

First year selection

These Kanye West sneakers were regretfully left off the list last year,but I’ve learned my lesson and placed them here.

Is there an uglier shoe than these? Why would anyone spend 350 pennies on these let alone $350?

I think the kicker that brought it not only onto the list,but in the Top 10 is me seeing a couple wearing matching ones outside of Disneyland over the summer.

These shoes are beyond proof that wealth doesn’t always buy class or shows that you have good taste in footwear. Also,Kanye West is a scumbag!

SteakWithKetchup7. Eating your steak well done and with ketchup

First year selection

I have rallied against this all year long after I found out that this is how Donald Trump likes to eat his.

Now,keep in mind I was once a guy who liked eating steak this way,but I’ve since changed things up and like mine medium at the most. The reason I don’t like it well done anymore is because I once had it basically burnt and it bothered me greatly.

Also,why ketchup? Have you heard of steak sauce? Either that or have some barbecue sauce at the least. I recommend Sweet Baby Ray’s!

There are better ways to have a steak and I think this way is killing the flavor of it and is just…gross!

LaVarBBB.png6. CATCH-ALL: LaVar Ball and his $495 basketball shoes

First year selections

Is there any worse overbearing father in this country than LaVar Ball? I don’t think so!
This guy thinks he’s so great when in fact,he’s not all that great. He thinks he would be better than Michael Jordan in his prime when he averaged 2.2 points per game in college.

Now I get that deep down he wants the best for his children,which any parent wants, but it seems like he lives way too vicariously through his kids and it’s not just awful,it’s frightening.

I think over time we’re going to see less of him,at least that’s my hope,but until we do,he might be back on this list.

Also,his basketball shoes are not worth nearly $500. They’re ugly,they look like they would be uncomfortable and should be on the rack at Marshalls in the next year or so. It’s one thing to want to be an entrepreneur, it’s another to be a price gouger. LaVar is the latter!

HillaryClinton.png5. CATCH-ALL: Hillary Clinton and the idea of her running for President again in 2020

First year selections

If there’s one person other than Donald Trump I don’t want to run for President ever again,it’s Hillary Clinton.

Her 2016 campaign had a lot of flaws, she didn’t campaign in key states that Obama won twice,thinking she had them in the bag, she only had ¼ of her campaign ads focused on policy, and she had the most vanilla running mate ever in Tim Kaine. She is also one of the least progressive people in politics.

She was also heard on tape laughing at Bernie Sanders’ supporters and how their ideas will “never work”, which more than likely caused those voters that she needed to vote elsewhere. That,for me,was the thing that led me to not vote for her.

She also doesn’t want to own up to any blame for why she lost the election and neither does the party. She is and has been quick to blame everyone else for why she isn’t president and that bothers me a great deal. Admit that mistakes were made and take your loss like an adult.

I also hate the idea of her running in 2020. I know she said she won’t run and I hope to God she’s right, but I have high doubts that we’ve seen the last of her,and that scares me greatly.

hillarydab4. Dabbing

Second year selection

I thought 2015 was over and I thought dabbing was,too. Apparently I’ve been wrong.

Look,first of all,it’s bad luck to dab. From Cam Newton to Hillary Clinton,there’s been a long list of dabbers who have choked in big time games/elections following their dabbing. If you don’t want to lose before a big moment,don’t dab,it’s as simple as that!

Also,it just looks stupid. Out of all the so-called dances there have been the past five years or so,it’s by far the worst. I hope this dies a swift death like the Harlem Shake and Gangnam Style.

CUbanJohnson.png3. Celebrities running for office

First year selection

If there’s anything we’ve learned from a celebrity getting elected President is that it’s a very bad idea to let some famous person with no political experience whatsoever to lead the highest office in the world. So why are we clammering to do it again?

This past year we’ve seen folks like Mark Cuban and The Rock flirt with the idea of running for President in 2020. I won’t vote for either of them because I don’t think either of them would push policy to make this country any better. It’s bad enough that when

Trump’s regime is finally gone that the next President will have to undo what Trump has done, I can’t see Cuban or Dwayne Johnson being able to make things like education,healthcare,and ending the wars a high priority.

While I agree that there are a lot of politicians who aren’t getting anything done in Congress,replacing them instead with regular people who share a populist message and aren’t bought and paid for is the way to go. Another celebrity who is running just because they want the office isn’t.

TomiLahren.png2. Tomi Lahren

Second year selection

Lahren is and has been a fucking idiot ever since she was introduced to us.

She thinks Black Lives Matter is as equal to the Ku Klux Klan (which is a stretch even for me to be on board with) and has stated that “a bunch of sore losers gathered together isn’t a protest, it’s a tantrum.” when in fact dissent is the most authentic form of patriotism.

She also seems to have a rager for Colin Kaepernick in terms of not liking anything he does or any black person for that matter. I think if she wasn’t some blonde bimbo who most people think is attractive (not me,her soul is ugly) that she wouldn’t even be on television. I really mean that.

Stay tuned on Dec. 30th, I have a major prediction involving Lahren.

DonaldTrumpMessyHair1. Donald Trump

Third year selection

As if there was anyone else or anything else to put at the top of the list than this son of a bitch.

He’s only been “president” almost a year,but to me he is already the worst one we’ve ever had. From his continuous hateful tweets to his golfing non-stop to his support for white supremacists, child molesters,and the confederacy, he’s been nothing but awful.

As I stated two years ago,electing him would be a grave mistake and I am absolutely right so far. He hasn’t passed any meaningful legislation and things are going to get worse. We are a nation who is currently a morally bankrupt one, one that can’t get along socially,and one that is light years behind others in terms of innovation, policy,and social change.

Trump’s “presidency” is the result of our inability to get quality people to best serve the interests of our country that we truly deserve. If there is anything positive to come from any of this,it’s that people are waking up and realizing that their country is being stolen from them by a select few and a revolution is coming. I hope that is does nothing but grows and that we get everything we deserve.

With Trump,we will never get that and he needs to get the hell out of office.

That’s our list this year,I hope you’ve enjoyed it!


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